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Complexity, integration and electrification are the main drivers of modern chassis systems development. Gain insight into recent technology developments in steering and braking systems, suspension, tires and vehicle dynamics control. As these systems continue to integrate more electronic components, manufacturers are adopting processes to meet safety regulations such as the ISO 26262.

Contributor: Peter Els
Posted: 05/09/2017
Peter Els
Everything from supercharging to power steering have been electrified to not only reduce emissions, but at the same time improve safety, reduce complexity and offer a better driving experience. Full Article »
Contributor: Peter Els
Posted: 07/18/2016
Peter Els
For many years U.S. regulators have been calling for more automation in motor vehicles. By fitting systems that apply the brakes to prevent a crash, or guide a vehicle on the highway, the Department of Transport hopes to see a dramatic reduction in road accidents. Full Column »
Posted: 05/05/2017
Remanufacturing of Hydraulic Power Steering has played a significant and important role for OES and the automotive parts aftermarket industry over the last thirty plus years. With the technological advancements in vehicle systems and the shift to Electronic Power Steering (EPS), the viability of EPS remanufacturing is called into question. Full Whitepaper »
Contributor: Rebecca Maschke
Posted: 11/21/2012
Automotive IQ Portal
Dr. Koppers defines brake squeal as a problem as old as the disc brake. IQPC asks if there are any developments coming up to solve the problem. Full Podcast »
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Posted: 09/10/2016
David Shaw
Veteran tire industry analyst David Shaw is presenting an exclusive webinar with Automotive IQ.The webinar will cover aspects of sustainability as they apply to the tire industry including:What's green?Rolling resistance and where it comes fromLife cycle analysisTire Labeling WorldwideWhich is greener: Natural rubber or synthetic rubber?Which is mo Full Webinar »