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The automotive industry has experienced a technological revolution. Today's vehicles have to be about more than transportation. They have to entertain, inform, connect and protect their passengers. The competitive landscape is all about features and functionality. Learn about the integration of consumer electronics into vehicles, battery technology challenges for electric and hybrid vehicles, HMI and improvements in lighting systems as well as functional safety issues and upcoming boardnet developments.

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Contributor: Automotive IQ
Posted: 15/09/2017
Automotive IQ will be hosting the online event taking place 14-16 November 2017, and will feature solutions to the on-going challenges of electric vehicle implementation on battery management systems, 48 volt, e-mobility infrastructure and thermal management for EV/HEV. Full Content »
Contributor: Giles Kirkland
Posted: 14/09/2017
Giles Kirkland
As cars and other vehicles join the Internet of Things (IoT) and edge closer towards full connectivity, it’s worth standing back and taking a good look at what that will actually mean and, ultimately, how it could bring the things we love grinding to a halt. Full Content »
Contributor: Lisa Clark
Posted: 06/09/2017
Lisa Clark
Automotive IQ sat down with Lisa Clark, Functional Safety Manager at Sensata Technologies, and talked about key issues in applying ISO 26262 to semiconductors, ahead of the conference where Mrs. Clark also will be presenting. Full Content »
Contributor: András Balogh
Posted: 05/09/2017
András Balogh
Automotive IQ sat down with András Balogh, Head of Platform and Software Development at ThyssenKrupp Presta Hungary, and talked about key issues in applying a MBD approach, ahead of the conference where Mr. Balogh also will be presenting. Full Content »
Contributor: Peter Els
Posted: 21/08/2017
Peter Els
Engineers have been installing the building blocks for modern autonomous vehicles since the 1980s, starting with antilock brakes, traction control, electric power steering, drive-by-wire, adaptive cruise control, cameras, etc. Now, as engineers tie these components together, along with lidar, radar and high-definition mapping, the car is basically becoming a thinking machine that is aware of its place in the world. But, as NXP Automotive CTO Lars Reger, told delegates at NXP’s ‘FTF Connects’ conference in San Jose in June 2017, “An autonomous car can only be as good as its environmental sensing.” In voicing his opinion he was expressing the sentiment of the entire industry: Capturing in this single sentence both the challenge and future of automated vehicles. Full Content »
Contributor: Ivan Dynov
Posted: 17/08/2017
Car manufacturers and suppliers worldwide have worked over the years on improvements in the area of mechanics, quality requirements and logistics. However, the main differentiation factor between brands turned out to be the electronics area. Whereas areas such as power train and body had small product development cost increases over the years, the costs for the development of electronic systems has been tripled. Full Content »
Contributor: Automotive IQ
Posted: 16/08/2017
Automotive Software Development
The modern car is often referred to as a computer on wheels. And this is not far off the mark, with complex ADAS and hybridized powertrains requiring millions of lines of software code to keep them on the road. Full Content »
Contributor: Colin Pawsey
Posted: 15/08/2017
The reality of fully autonomous vehicles is drawing ever closer, and increasingly sophisticated driver assistance technologies are permeating the industry. Today’s ‘semi-autonomous’ cars feature a range of support functions such as lane assist and automatic braking, and the sector has become a hotbed of innovation as OEMs scramble to be the first to market with new technology. Full Content »
Contributor: Antonello Ceravola
Posted: 15/08/2017
Automotive IQ sat down with Antonello Ceravola, Principal Scientist at Honda Research Center Europe, and talked about model-based development at Honda RC, Full Content »
Contributor: Automotive IQ
Posted: 10/08/2017
Berlin, Germany - Taking place in Mainz, Germany, Automotive IQ’s Battery Management Systems event is the only automotive event with special focus on latest innovations in new battery management concepts, as well as thermal management concepts and designs. Full Content »
Contributor: Automotive IQ
Posted: 10/08/2017
Berlin, Germany – Taking place in Las Vegas, NV, Automotive IQ’s System Safety conference is the only automotive event to provide a comprehensive look at safety in every component of highly complex and computer-controlled systems. IQPC Germany is proud to announce the return of the System Safety USA conference Series. Full Content »
171 results
of 16