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car body interior and materials

Strong, lightweight materials are helping the industry to meet customer and government demands for safety while helping to reduce weight and C02 output. This section provides information on innovation and design for topics such as the automotive cockpit, seating systems, door systems, roof systems, paints and composite materials such as CFRP, glass fiber composites, aluminium, magnesium, advanced high-strength steel, plastics, paints and coatings.

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Contributor: Caroline Hartmann
Posted: 11/10/2017
Automotive IQ interviewed Caroline Hartmann, Fashion Team Designer Automotive from Stahl, with some insight into the projects taking place at Stahl Design Studio®, current trends moving the automotive industry, and Stahl’s focus on sustainability. Full Content »
Contributor: Michael Costello
Posted: 17/07/2017
Recent advances in biotechnology have allowed a new class of polymers to be developed. Made from renewable raw materials, these bio-based aqueous polyurethanes also demonstrate superior film performance to their fossil-fuel based predecessors. Full Content »
Contributor: Mac Reynolds
Posted: 29/05/2017
Ahead of this presentation Automotive-IQ sat down with Dr. Reynolds to delve into some of these viewpoints. Full Content »
Contributor: David E. Cole
Posted: 29/05/2017
Automotive-IQ spoke with Dr. Cole ahead of this year’s 11th Annual Automotive Seating Summit on July 26-28 in Detroit, MI. Full Content »
Contributor: Mel Micham
Posted: 22/05/2017
Automotive IQ interviewed Mel Micham, Global Market Manager Automotive Elastomer & Plastic Coatings at Stahl, on elastomer coatings and Stahl’s dedication towards sustainability. Full Content »
Contributor: Colin Pawsey
Posted: 11/05/2017
Innovation in the automotive seating market is moving at pace, with new concepts coming to the fore to meet new challenges. Safety and comfort remain priorities for auto manufacturers, but advances in ergonomics and biomechanics have offered designers new possibilities for seat function - aided and abetted by advanced electronics and computing power. Full Content »
Contributor: Saghi Saedlou
Posted: 13/04/2017
Saghi Saedlou
In the run-up to Automotive IQ's conference on Automotive Corrosion Protection, Aperam's Saghi Saedlou and Dr. Karl-Heinz Stellnberger from voestalpine gave us the opportunity to talk to them about the challenges of the topic and what they will be doing at the conference. Full Content »
Contributor: Peter Els
Posted: 27/03/2017
Peter Els
The costs of corrosion protection are not only in terms of rework or scrap costs, but with stringent quality management systems in place, several thousand parts per million could impact on the prospects of being awarded future business. Full Content »
Contributor: Colin Pawsey
Posted: 21/03/2017
The automotive industry is in a transformational stage in terms of lighting, with several new technologies coming to the fore which offer improved performance, safety and aesthetics. Full Content »
Contributor: Graham Heeps
Posted: 15/03/2017
Graham Heeps
Driver distraction is a factor in up to 30 % of road accidents in the EU, according to a 2015 report by the European Commission. Full Content »
Posted: 14/03/2017
Technology is transforming what carmakers can do with interiors. New mega trends will change how customers spend time in the cabin. Full Content »
78 results
of 8