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Contributor: Mac Reynolds
Posted: 05/29/2017

Ahead of this presentation Automotive-IQ sat down with Dr. Reynolds to delve into some of these viewpoints.Read more

Contributor: David E. Cole
Posted: 05/29/2017

Automotive-IQ spoke with Dr. Cole ahead of this year’s 11th Annual Automotive Seating Summit on July 26-28 in Detroit, MI.Read more

Contributor: Mel Micham
Posted: 05/22/2017

Automotive IQ interviewed Mel Micham, Global Market Manager Automotive Elastomer & Plastic Coatings at Stahl, on elastomer coatings and Stahl’s dedication towards sustainability.Read more

Contributor: Michael Bucala
Posted: 04/24/2017

Automotive IQ had the chance to interview Michael Bucala, Lead Engineer - Vehicle Systems Quality from Daimler Trucks, before the upcoming event ISO 26262 USA, where Mr. Bucala will be presenting.Read more

Contributor: Saghi Saedlou
Posted: 04/13/2017
Saghi Saedlou

In the run-up to Automotive IQ's conference on Automotive Corrosion Protection, Aperam's Saghi Saedlou and Dr. Karl-Heinz Stellnberger from voestalpine gave us the opportunity to talk to them about the challenges of the topic and what they will be doing at the conference.Read more

Contributor: Bodo Seifert
Posted: 01/26/2017

Bodo Seifert, Director of Advanced Engineering at Magna discusses the key highlights from 2016 in the autonomous industry, predicts what is to come in the next 2-5 years.Read more

Contributor: Chandrasekhar Potluri
Posted: 01/25/2017

Vehicles have become much more than a mode of transportation and the evolution will continue for years to come. In order to continue integrating advanced vehicle technologies, OEMs & their key suppliers are working hard to ensure that vehicles are not only safe, but also secure.Read more

Contributor: Michael Schilling
Posted: 10/10/2016
Michael Schilling

Automotive IQ sat down with Dr Michael Schilling, Program Manager Advanced Engineering Projects, to talk about autonomous cars, sensor systems and the Open Fusion Platform that he is currently working on.Read more

Contributor: Siddartha Khastgir
Posted: 09/30/2016
Siddartha Khastgir

Siddartja Khastgir, researcher at the Warwick University, Coventry, talked with Automotive IQ on how development and testing procedures need to change with the advent of advanced driver assistance systems.Read more

Contributor: Stefan Buri
Posted: 09/01/2016

Automotive IQ interviewed Stefan Buri, Global Marketing Director of Automotive from Stahl, on the automotive interior materials of the future.Read more

134 results
of 14