HEVs and EVs are gaining popularity as alternative powertrains while environmental regulations continue to become more stringent on gasoline and diesel motors with the upcoming Euro 6/VI regulation. The powertrain section focuses on developments with electric vehicles, advanced turbocharging technology, exhaust systems, modern combustion engines and the fuels used to power them.

Contributor: Timothy Johnson
Posted: 28/06/2016
Automotive IQ had the opportunity to interview Timothy V. Johnson, Director of Emerging Technologies and Regulations at Corning Incorported, on the latest developments on emission control and the comparison between Europe and US. Full Interview »
Contributor: Peter Els
Posted: 01/18/2017
Peter Els
Before the 2014 Formula One season had even kicked off in Australia, race followers were already decrying the lack of a screaming exhaust note from the 1.6 liter turbocharged V6 engines. The fact that these little powerhouses were putting out more than 450 kW from the ICE, with a further 120 kW from the electric motor seems to have gone unnoticed in the general outcry. Full Column »
Contributor: Automotive IQ
Posted: 02/21/2017
With Super Bowl 51 now over, and a congratulations to New England Patrios being in order, Automotive IQ reviews the automotive commercials and picks out our 5 favourites. Full Whitepaper »
Contributor: Automotive IQ
Posted: 11/02/2015
Automotive IQ Portal
During this year’s 3rd Real Driving Emissions Conference in Berlin more than 100 exhaust control and emission experts came together to discuss the latest RDE test procedures and upcoming regulations. With ongoing discussion about the right boundary conditions for RDE regulation, questions of comparability of test cycles and conditions, the Full Podcast »
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Posted: 09/10/2016
David Shaw
Veteran tire industry analyst David Shaw is presenting an exclusive webinar with Automotive IQ.The webinar will cover aspects of sustainability as they apply to the tire industry including:What's green?Rolling resistance and where it comes fromLife cycle analysisTire Labeling WorldwideWhich is greener: Natural rubber or synthetic rubber?Which is mo Full Webinar »