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Contributor: Automotive IQ
Posted: 29/11/2017
According to many experts in the field of generational wireless, the coming fifth generation (5G) major upgrade will create the actual Internet of Things, a concept of connected machinery that heretofore has been a scattered collection rather than a cohesive system. Full Content »
Contributor: Automotive IQ
Posted: 14/11/2017
As we move towards fully autonomous driving, considerations of the interface between the human and the machine becomes increasingly important, as millions of lines of software determines the controlling and displaying of the cars. Automotive IQ presents this free 50-page eBook focusing on Automotive HMI, giving you a plethora of information in the form of articles, interviews and industry insights. Full Content »
Contributor: Automotive IQ
Posted: 25/10/2017
In recent years 48 volt technology has been identified as an answer to some of the challenges faced by the automotive industry, and we are beginning to see the fruition of development in this area. Full Content »
Contributor: Automotive IQ
Posted: 02/10/2017
Diesel emission regulation is a highly contestable subject in Europe and the implementation of new real-driving test procedures can go a long way towards improving the nature of type-approval certification. Full Content »
Contributor: Automotive IQ
Posted: 16/08/2017
Automotive Software Development
The modern car is often referred to as a computer on wheels. And this is not far off the mark, with complex ADAS and hybridized powertrains requiring millions of lines of software code to keep them on the road. Full Content »
Contributor: Automotive IQ
Posted: 23/06/2017
Game-changing moments that are bringing the electric vehicle revolution ever closer. Full Content »
Contributor: Automotive IQ
Posted: 18/04/2017
As electronic components now make up over 50% of the total manufacturing cost of a car, and some cars now containing over 100 million lines of code, it’s clear the automotive cyber wars are just getting started. Full Content »
Posted: 11/08/2016
This whitepaper on the Legal Landscape of the Autonomous Vehicles summarizes the current activities and trends in the US and Germany that are perceived to be most affecting this innovative space. Full Content »
Contributor: Automotive IQ
Posted: 13/07/2016
The Brexit shockwave: the impact on investments, import/export and the labour movement within the automotive industry Full Content »
Posted: 20/12/2015
Top Automotive Security Vulnerabilities of 2015
Trying to build connected automotive software that’s both bulletproof and secure is a big task; knowing where to focus time and energy can be half the challenge. According to research conducted by CX3 Marketing on behalf of Rogue Wave Software, nearly 90 percent of all detected security holes can be traced back to just ten types of vulnerabilities. Full Content »
Contributor: Automotive IQ
Posted: 02/11/2015
eBook: The 10 World's Biggest Automotive Recalls
In this FREE and comprehensive 17 page eBook, we reveal the 10 biggest recalls in the global automotive industry based on number of cars affected by defects.
We go into details on both historic and recent scandals, that has shakened the global automotive industry and left the public image of several OEM's damaged. Full Content »
12 results
of 2