July 27 - 29, 2020 | Detroit, MI


The automotive seat has continued to evolve from its original purpose of simply being a place to sit to a complex technological masterpiece that can provide safety, luxury, and smart technologies. While auto manufacturers and Tier 1 companies look to create a lighter cost-effective design while maintaining safety and decreasing cost, they have struggled to identify the right partners to work with.

As a result, the 13th Annual Automotive Seating Innovators Summit will gather auto manufacturers, Tier 1 companies, and industry suppliers, in effort to explore the latest innovations, structural designs and global expansions throughout the seating industry. Inquire Today


Streamline your sales and marketing efforts

Streamline your sales and marketing efforts by gaining access to the most active stakeholders responsible for automotive seating advancements, under one roof, at one time

Position your value and brand superiority above competitors

Position your value and brand superiority above competitors in the marketplace through persistent brand recognition and reinforcement

ensure your capabilities are front-of-mind.

Strategically network with our high-level speaker faculty and VIP guests to ensure your capabilities are front-of-mind before a vendor is selected

Leverage an intimate atmosphere to discuss

Leverage an intimate atmosphere to discuss your value proposition through 1-on-1 demonstrations.

Leverage an intimate atmosphere to discuss

Align your objectives with a completely tailor-made sponsorship package in order to maximize your company's exposure


This event will be rich with key decision makers from OEMs and Tier 1 companies looking to make investments in automotive seating.



Principal Engineer


Seat Structural Engineer


Research & Development


Automotive Interior Designer


Materials Engineer


Vehicle Interior Technologies


Senior International Buyer


Director of Engineering


Validation Engineer


Global Core Buyer for Seats


Seat Integration Manager


...and more!


This event will offer an unprecedented opportunity for solution providers that specialize in...


Most of our Sponsorship and Exhibition Packages are exclusive to one Sponsor, so please contact us today in order to ensure we reserve you a spot for this year's event!

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