Latest developments in wide band gap semiconductors, packaging and thermal management for automotive power electronics

Power electronics is becoming one of the crucial areas in the development of electric and hybrid vehicles. With the high demands in range and efficiency, the urge for more reliable, efficient and durable power devices and modules continues to grow. In this conference the major semiconductor manufacturers, powertrain and charging systems suppliers and OEMs will gather to discuss the latest developments and remaining challenges in this field.

At this three day event you will:

  • Hear the latest developments in wide band gap semiconductors such as SiC and GaN and how to lower cost and decrease defect density

  • Learn the perspective of OEMs and system suppliers  in the areas of powertrain and on board charging and their requirements for power electronics

  • Discover the newest solutions in the areas of packaging and cooling of power modules and components for increased efficiently, reliability and robustness

  • Participate in interactive round table session and discuss topics such as vibration, EMC, mass production of GaN devices and 3D packaging

  • Get an insight from leading universities in the poster session for academic research


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