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E-Mobility Charging Infrastructure Agenda

Focusing on tomorrow today! As we move towards an electric powered world, this program is dedicat ...

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E-Mobility Infrastructure Anticipated Attendee Snapshot

This year’s program will particularly focus on transforming infrastructure from being ICE centric to EV centric to promote sustainability through nation wide adoption and by building public private partnerships. If you're someone who is interested in networking with professionals from the EV infrastructure world, download the anticipated attendee snapshot to...

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Investment in Charging Infrastructure

In 2018, only 2 percent of auto sales in the US were full electric or electric hybrid models, with Tesla making up more than a third of the sales. However, despite low demand, automakers continue to pursue a policy of development of electric vehicles - largely due to rising global...

Progress Towards Fast Charging

The landscape for electric vehicle charging is broad, with many stakeholders involved in the various trends and technological developments. In Europe, the CCS charging standard is moving to the fore, particularly in light of Porsche’s trail-blazing Mission E and 800v charging system.

Speaker Interview with Dana Myers

We asked Dana Myers, the CEO & President at Myers EV about the future of E-Mobility and what he thought were the current challenges of the industry. Check out this exclusive in-depth interview to learn all about E-Mobility Charging and Electric Vehicles. 

Five Innovative 800V Charging Solutions for the Next Generation of EVs

After more than a hundred years of fueling their vehicles in under fifteen minutes for a 400 km range, consumers are baulking at the idea of having to wait 30 to 40 minutes (at best) for the same range in an Electric Vehicle. Various studies into consumerism quote this as...