Download the Agenda

Download the Agenda

Meet Hyundai, Volvo, Ford, Enel-X, innogy eMobility, BP at the 6th E-Mobility Charging Infrastructure Europe conference.

At the conference expect to: 

  • Get updated on Europe-wide activities on building a sustainable charging infrastructure from utilities, CPOs and OEMs
  • Find out how the charging infrastructure is keeping up with the demand coming from climate goals in the Paris agreement
  • Hear case studies from utilities and energy providers on implementation of new business models in the e-mobility sector
  • Discuss political, regulatory and legal hurdles (such as the calibration law), that need to be overcome for a unified and sustainable charging infrastructure to be in place
  • Brainstorm ideas on how to prepare urban regions for mass adoption of EVs, such as power overloads at peak hours
  • Listen to top experts on technical questions like DC grid, wireless charging and electric roads

Download the conference agenda here:

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