Are there not enough models of EVs? Or is the charging infrastructure insufficient or vice versa?

OEMs and operators are working hard to evolve smart fast-charging infrastructure in a currently fast-paced environment. In order to comply with current and future challenges such as how to allow high power charging for electric vehicles, how to strengthen the current charging infrastructure in order to eliminate range anxiety, how to guarantee smart concepts of connectivity, access and billing systems as well as the aspect of end users` requirements towards EV usage.

This two-day conference with an additional workshop day will address the latest developments, challenges and opportunities of charging infrastructure in Europe in an interactive way.

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2019 Highlighted Discussion Topics:

Fast Charging: Inform yourself about the future of fast charging

Find out how the GDPR and the ePrivacy Regulation affect the e-mobility industry

Charging in urban and suburban environments: The key challenges and how to tackle them

Understand the role of Mobility as a Service (MaaS), Micro mobility and Last Mile Services in electromobility city traffic planning 

Calibration Law: Find out what are the regulation updates this year!!

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