Agenda Day 2

The development of AI systems for autonomy is very focused on building robust models for neural networks and perhaps less so on how these systems should be made functionally safe for deployment. This presentation will discuss these challenges and propose solutions for successful, safe deployment in tomorrow’s autonomous vehicles.

·  Outline the safety challenge faced by AI developers

·  Demonstrate an open and safe path to success for autonomous systems


Dr. Vinay Pandey

Senior Technical Lead
Mercedes-Benz Research & Development India


Dr. Edward Schwalb

Sr Manager Development Engineer
MSC Software Corporation

·  Reinforce safety of AVs through intelligent validation techniques

·  Examine the role of data analytics in validation and requirements of system to functional testing and agility in V-model

·  Discuss ISO26262: Functional safety of complex system of CAVs


Susan Shaw

Ergonomics Engineer
Hyundai-Kia America Technical Center


Srikanth Hari

Technical Program Manager


Harshita Kanani

Senior Automation Test Developer

1:10 pm - 1:40 pm Solving the Challenges of AI in Autonomous Systems - Can Neural Networks Really be Made Safe?

Neil Stroud - Vice President, Business Development, CoreAVI

·  Leverage critical graphics, UI and hardware to improve safety

·  Tackle current challenges by using AI assisted HMI development approach to significantly streamline the process

·  Create the roadmap for testing HMI virtually to support continuous improvement


Neil Stroud

Vice President, Business Development

1:45 pm - 2:15 pm Addressing Engineering Challenges to Automate the Delivery Driver Journey

Daniel Laury - Co-Founder and CEO, Udelv

·  Review inhibitors in adapting commercial vehicle cargo bays to easy loading and unloading for a variety of packages across the spectrum of different industries

·  Develop the roadmap to scale a back-end cloud-based operating system that allows for the entire journey to be fully automated


Daniel Laury

Co-Founder and CEO