August 21 - 23, 2019
Detroit, MI

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Autonomous Vehicles Detroit 2019 Program

The Autonomous Vehicles Detroit 2019 Program is here! On August 21 - 23, this conference will bring to life a leading technical program for AV innovators from automotive, transportation, and aligning industries.As we work towards leveling-up autonomous technology, AV Detr ...

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Past Attendee List

Here is a list of the job titles and companies that have joined us in the past and who we expect to return this August.

Research, Reports & Whitepapers

Welcome to the Autonomous Revolution: How Autonomous Technology is Transforming the Automotive Industry from the Inside Out

The Autonomous Vehicles Summit surveyed 325+ global automotive leaders to identify where car manufacturers are on their journey towards autonomous, how they’re capitalizing on this opportunity for reinvention and the key challenges they’re facing as a result. This report aims to not only present a snapshot of the current state...

Autonomous Vehicles: Using Satellite Data for Mapping

Cellular and terrestrial Wi-Fi networks have played an integral role in the development of connected cars, delivering software updates, critical information, and mapping data. As the industry continues to move towards autonomous vehicles, satellite data will have an equally crucial role in providing highly accurate and precise mapping data for...

The Impact of Cellular Networks & 5G

The global market for connected vehicles continues to grow at pace and the introduction of 5G networks is predicted to have a significant impact on the development of fully autonomous cars.

SENSOR TECHNOLOGY – The Evolution of Sensor Arrays

Autonomous vehicles have gone beyond a concept to being accepted as the future of mobility, but the motor industry has plenty to grapple with in order to make that a reality. High profile accidents involving autonomous cars have highlighted that various technical barriers still remain in terms of scalability and...

CONNECTIVITY & DATA STORAGE - Data Acquisition, Storage, Management and Labelling

The drive towards autonomous vehicles will encounter many challenges and several of them will revolve around data. The scale of the task of creating a car which can drive more reliably than a human cannot be underestimated. In just one day, a test autonomous vehicle produces as much data as...

Watch: Expert Interviews

Interview with Jody Kelman, Product Lead, Self-Driving Platform Team, Lyft

In this interview, Jody Kelman shares insight on overcoming government regulations and the competitive landscape with Uber.

Interview with Dr. Aravind Kailas, Research and Innovation Manager at Volvo Trucks

In this interview, Dr. Aravind Kailas shares insight on the implications for long-haul autonomous trucks, Volvo's most innovative technological advancements, and how he feels about the Tesla Semi Truck!

Interview with Jeremy McClain, Director for Systems and Technology, Chassis & Safety Division at Continental Automotive North America

In this interview, Jeremy McClain shares insight on their partnership with NVIDIA, reducing the number of automotive fatalities, and overcoming the negative public perception of autonomous cars.. 

Interview with Dr. Robert Sadowski, Chief Roboticist at U.S. Army TARDEC

In this interview, Dr. Robert Sadowski shares insight on Autonomous Vehicles Defense Applications.

Expert Presentations

Combining Sensors With Streaming Maps For Robust Autonomous Driving

A high-definition map (HD map) can complement the sensors to make higher levels of driving automation safe and comfortable.Hear how the HD map data layers are correlated with vehicle sensor data to enable accurate localization, environment perception and path planning.See how the sensor-derived observations (“Roadagrams”) contribute to keeping the HD...

How Safe is Safe Enough?

Keeping Driver Engaged In L4 By Solving Additional Tasks, Like Interacting With The Navigation Device Or Driving Performance Related Social NetworksTracking Driver Health While Acting As System MonitorDeveloping UI For Drivers To “Check In”

Automated Vehicle Testing & Validation

Designing test beds to create robust testing environmentsDeveloping standards to measure againstLooking at test cases

Optimizing AV Safety

How Does AI Respond When There Is A Disagreement Between Systems? Requiring The Use Of Fault Detection Tools And Techniques That Take Into Account Complex Interactions Between Linked Ml ComponentsDeveloping Redundant Recognizers For AI In AV

Robustness Testing to Find Systematic Perception Defects

Edge cases and perception brittlenessStress testing perception to automatically detect false negatives and misclassificationsIdentifying systematic context-dependent defects in perception systems

Fontinalis Partners: Transformation and Evolution of the Next-generation Mobility Industry

Chris Thomas, Founder & Partner, Fontinalis Partners on the following:• Transformation and evolution of the next-generation mobility industry• The technologies, locations, and behavior that are driving this transportation revolution• Who has the opportunity to “win” and where do we go from here?

SiriusXM: The Content Revolution Coming to a Car Near You

Peter Polit, VP and GM, Connected Vehicle Strategy and Partnerships, Sirius XM on the following:• Maximizing the revenue opportunity for in-vehicle content and determining who will control tit and how you can benefit• What are the necessary technical advancements required to link passenger data, preferred content and UX• What models will...

NVIDIA: Artificial Intelligence & Self-driving Cars

Tim Wong, Director of Technical Program Management for Autonomous Vehicles, NVIDIA presents on the following:How artificial intelligence should be programmedIs it sufficient to employ end-to-end learning using cameras that watch people drive and then put it through the deep neural net, or are AI systems are fatally flawed because human behavior...

Requesting a Ride: Car Sharing and Car Hailing as The Next Big Movement in Autonomy

Annabel R. Chang, Director of Public Policy at Lyft discusses Autonomy coming to a street near you: discussing the recent announcements of timeline of release of autonomous cars to the public, how car sharing apps and city transport are breaking boundaries and bringing autonomy to our roads, the appeal of...

Building Security Into The Modern Automobile

Robert Bates, Chief Safety Officer at Mentor, discusses paying close attention to both hardware and software when building security into the modern automobile. Robert speakers about consolidation on the SoC level, security and safety via separation, how the thread of attacks has been growing, what security means for IoT, a...

Best Practices: ISO26262 Safety Verification Automotive SoC Systems

Jeff Hutton, Sr. Director, Automotive Business Development at Synopsys, discusses verification best practices. Jeff goes into verification challenges in today's SoC, consistent verification continuum across all verification engines, verify for functional safety. Also earlier, more efficient SW development, improve quality, reduce costs, and being ISO26262 ready.

Rigorous Verification Gets Your ADAS Design in Shape for ISO 26262 Compliance

In this presentation Adam Sherer, Product Management Group Director, Automotive Functional Safety Lead at Cadence, speaks about ISO 26262 and semiconductor verification, methods to improve verification fitness regardless of your starting point, techniques to trace results through the OEM, tier 1, tier 2, and IP chain, and automation to reduce...

Practical Real-Time Frame Authentication for In-Vehicle Networks

Kyusuk Han of the University of Michigan, a speaker from a previous iteration of the summit, was kind enough to share this in-depth presentation about the need for in-vehicle security and a proposed protocol to help solve the major security problems.