Jamil Mazzawi

Founder and CEO - Functional Safety Optima Design Automation

Jamil R. Mazzawi, Optima’s Founder and CEO, is a semiconductor and EDA industries veteran with over 25 years experience, in ASIC Verification, ASIC design, Verification Services, EDA tools, Functional Safety and ISO-26262.

Jamil is the leading inventor behind Optima’s patents and technologies, especially the FIE Technology (Fault Injection Engine) that is capable of performing fault-simulations over 5 orders of magnitude faster than regular RTL simulators. Also Optima’s transient-faults solution for selective-hardening, Optima-SE and Optima’s permanent-faults solution,  Optima-HE and CoverageBooster.

Jamil has a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and an MBA from San Jose State University in California. 

Conference Day Two

Wednesday, December 4th, 2019

12:10 PM Automotive semiconductors functional safety using fault-simulation

In this talk, Mr. Mazzawi will discuss Optima’s automated methodology for meeting ISO-26262 requirements using fault-simulation. Starting with Static and Structural analysis for easy fault-optimization, fault-pruning, fault-collapsing and identifying major uncovered areas of the design, performing fault-simulations, guided (semi-automated) closure of the coverage gap, then porting back results to your FMEDA process. 

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