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Key discussion points:

  • How can ISO 26262 reflect the progression from AI considerations to Machine Learning and Predictive Failure Analysis?
  • What can be learned from experiences in dealing with NDA between car maker and semiconductor manufacturers?
  • How to reduce functional safety costs for autonomous drive and automated applications?
  • How to support FMEA and FMDA by progressing to predictive failure analysis?
  • How to capitalize in software elements developed for a non-automotive environment?
  • How to align electrical and functional safety measures in electric vehicles for a safe system?

Preview contributing companies:

  • Dr. Riccardo Marianni, VP Industry Safety, NVIDIA, USA
  • Samir Camdzik, Systems Engineer, Automotive & Safety Power Product Line, Texas Instruments, Germany
  • Chanthachith Souvanthog, Corporate Functional Safety Manager, ON Semiconductor, Belgium
  • Rahul Gulati, SoC Functional Safety Architect, Qualcomm, USA
  • Riccardo Vincelli, Director of the Functional, Safety Competence Center, Renesas Electronics, Europe GmbH, Germany
  • Oscar Ballan, Principal Engineer, Functional Safety Engineering Manager, Xilinx, USA
  • Priyanka Viswanathan, Senior Engineering Auditor, Arm Ltd., UK