Human Machine Interface - an Automotive IQ eBook

Posted: 10/09/2017
Job: Automotive IQ
Company: Automotive IQ

The reality of fully autonomous vehicles is drawing ever closer, along with fashionable innovative ways of displaying information to the driver.

Today’s ‘semi-autonomous’ cars feature a range of support functions such as lane assist and automatic braking, and the sector has become a hotbed of innovation as OEMs scramble to be the first to market with new technology. Equally, infotainment and connected services have also been subject to rapid development, with connectivity opening up a world of opportunity in the way in which cars interact with occupants, other vehicles, and infrastructure.

In this 48-pages eBook, we explore the interface between the machine (car) and the human, divided into vehicle controlling and vehicle displaying.


  • Developing HMI systems to integrate ADAS functions
  • EEPS and safety
  • EPS and comfort
  • Braking system redundancy and autonomous driving
  • Electromobility and regenerative braking technology
  • Interview with Krishna Monica from Google
  • Interview with Kristof Polman from ThyssenKrupp


  • Augmented reality in cars
  • Can automakers future-proof HMI systems?
  • can in-car electronics keep up with consumer tech?
  • Driver distraction
  • Will OLED bring mobile-like display quality to automotive?
  • Next generations display systems
  • Interview with Karlheinz Blankenbech from Pforzheim University
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Posted: 10/09/2017
Job: Automotive IQ
Company: Automotive IQ