Electric Charging - an Automotive IQ eBook

Posted: 06/23/2017
Job: Automotive IQ
Company: Automotive IQ

Switch on your TV, thumb through a newspaper, or trawl the web, and you could be forgiven for thinking that we are about to enter a gilded age of electrification – a world where the petrol powered vehicle is being phased out. Wherever you look the airwaves and column inches talk of tipping points, of game-changing moments that are bringing the electric vehicle revolution ever closer.

Download the Electric Charging eBook, and learn more about:

Electric Charging - Now and the Future

  • What about the US? 
  • Batteries stay a pain point 
  • The network will need a standard 
  • Cooperation is key

Electric Charging - The Role of the Supermajors

  • And where are the supermajors going?
  • Will charging even happen at stations?
  • The infant technology needs to grow up
  • The US are on the move

Electric Charging - Can Global Grids Withstand an EV Boom?

  • Mass U.S electric vehicle adoption: Tangible reality or a distant dream? 
  • UK and Europe: Solving grid gridlock – the key to increased EV penetration? 
  • Storage systems: The cornerstone of smart, flexible energy systems? 
  • Smart charging for an overworked grid 
  • Meanwhile…
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Posted: 06/23/2017
Job: Automotive IQ
Company: Automotive IQ