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Software Security and the Connected Car

Hosted By: Chris Clarke
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About this Podcast...

Today the average new car has more lines of software code than has the Hubble Space Telescope, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, and all the source code on your favorite social media app, Facebook, combined. And that’s just the beginning. In the not so distant future, your car will become no less than a mobile data center, capable of supporting a variety of new protocols.

The problem is up until now almost all of the software found within a typical car has been unintentional, created here and there over time, often to fill very specific needs. Maybe it was to control the airbags, or to monitor tire pressure, or to provide satellite radio, internet, and cellular service to the driver. Software in cars today was not put there as part of any grand scheme; it was much more a function of consumer demand for manufacturers to distinguish this year’s model from the previous. So do we secure this code – whether it is already in the car today, or will be part of it tomorrow?


Through its Software Integrity Platform, Synopsys provides advanced solutions for improving the quality and security of software. This comprehensive platform of automated analysis and testing technologies integrates seamlessly into the software development process and enables organizations to detect and remediate quality defects, security vulnerabilities, and compliance issues early in the software development lifecycle, as well as gain security assurance and visibility throughout their software supply chain. Currently, 11 out of the 15 top automotive OEMs use Synopsys Software Integrity solutions.

By entering in your information and submitting the form, you give the sponsor permission to contact you regarding their product.

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