Automotive suspension systems are increasingly complex. Systems such as Active Body Control, Active Roll Stabilization, Active Dynamic Control help to control body motion for improved handling. Utilize this IQ portal to gain insight into the latest trends in this area.

Contributor: Peter Els
Posted: 02/08/2017
Peter Els
For more than a century, motor vehicle suspension systems have been associated with ride and handling, but the rapid deployment of electric and hybrid cars has added a whole new dimension: To overcome EV customers’ range anxiety, engineers are turning to “regeneration” of energy. Full Article »
Posted: 11/21/2012
Cost-Effective Skyhook Control for Semiactive Vehicle Suspension Applications
Skyhook control, which is now widely applied to vehicle suspension control, requires two sensors to measure sprung mass acceleration and relative displacement, respectively. In the practical implementation, these two measurement signals are converted into corresponding velocities; then per the skyhook control policy the velocities are employed to d Full Whitepaper »
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