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Dear Members,

This week's newsletter features a new infographic addressing the growing number of electronic control units (ECU) in cars and the demand for safer, more secure and reliable automotive software. There are no signs of that the growth of automotive software is slowing anytime soon. So make sure you take a look and get the free whitepaper too.

Automotive IQ is also featuring a whitepaper on the analysis of different types of current transducers at the measurement on electric drive trains and another one on how to create the perfect vehicle sound.

Also new, our columnist David Shaw attended the Global Rubber Conference in Sri Lanka. He returned with serious thoughts on how the current rubber market affects the Tire Industry. Read more about it in his latest column.

And last but not least we feature two new interviews, one about BUS Systems and Ethernet aka the future of automotive network solution and the other addressing innovative materials for electric battery systems.

As always, I look forward to hearing your comments and thoughts. If you have any ideas for topic areas that we should cover, please get in touch.

Kind regards,

Matthias Marx
Managing Editor - Automotive IQ

Featured Article
Infographic: Deliver safer, more secure automotive software
Inforgraphic, Software, Rogue Wave

The number of electronic control units (ECU) in cars is growing constantly. Today, basic models contain about 30 ECUs and luxury models often... Read more
Analysis of Different Types of Current Transducers at the Measurement on Electric Drive Trains

Abstract For increasing the efficiency of electric drive trains measurement and testing plays a key role. The requirements to the measurement system... Read more
Three Ways to Deliver Safer and More Secure Automotive Software

Addressing safety, security, and compliance for embedded software systems Millions of lines of software code are driving the latest innovations in... Read more
Designing the Sound Experience with NVH Simulation

Creating the perfect vehicle sound is a critical challenge that needs the buy-in of diverse decision-makers to establish targets, and greater... Read more
Most Recent Column
How sustainable are current rubber prices? Take a guess!
corporate sustainability, Tire Industry

Today I am going to talk about the impact of low natural rubber prices. I make no apology for this column – it is something I feel strongly... Read more
Most Recent Interviews
The Future of Automotive Network Solution - BUS Systems and Ethernet
BUS Systems, Ethernet, E/E Architecture

Automotive IQ recently spoke with Florian Netter of Audi Electronics Venture about the current state of Automotive BUS Systems and Ethernet. ... Read more
Staying ahead in a volatile Market - Innovative Materials for Electric Battery Systems
Battery Cells, Innovative Materials, Electric Car

Dr. Andreas Wýrsig is Vice Head of the Department for Integrated Power Systems at the Fraunhofer-Institute for Silicon Technology ISiT in... Read more
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