18 - 21 February, 2019
Intercontinental Duesseldorf, Duesseldorf, Germany

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At this conference you will learn about new automotive innovations. Enhancing unique passenger experience.  Discover light, sustainable, and robust materials & textiles.  Smart and connected seats to monitor passenger health ...

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Attendee List

Download the attendee list from the 2017 event to get an idea of the companies and job titles you'll meet this year

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Interested in the latest technical innovations to reduce weight and increase comfort in automotive seating?Then do not miss out on this event! Here is the easiest and fastest way to register.

Attendee Profile & Event Snapshot

Download the Attendee Profile to get a better idea of who you can meet at the 13th Innovative Seating in February 2018. Inside you'll learn:Attendee SeniorityJob FunctionSupply Chain DistributionChallenge Areas & Solution UrgencyCompanies who at ...

Presentation on Seat and Spine Health

Dr. Susanne Frohriep from Grammar AG discusses the importance of ergomechanics for seat design and comfort, and how to configure seat functionality for modern seating. Download the presentation.

Industry Report on the Latest Trends for Seating

Automotive IQ reveals in this report which innovations are needed for the seating market to meet customer expectations following the adaption of autonomous vehicles. Read the report.

Interview on cross industry trends influencing customer’s seating experience

Andreas Maashof from Audient; John Tight from JPA and Peter Wink from the TU Delft reveal cross industry examples which will change the future of automotive seating design. Download the full interview.

Presentation on how disruptive game changers will affect the automotive seating industry

Andreas Maashoff, Director Industrial Design and Craftsmanship at Adient discusses how transportation will become a bigger business than traditional automotive today, and how this will affect automotive interiors and seating systems. Download the presentation.

Article on 2018’s TOP stories on automotive seating developments

From innovative designs to new connectivity functionalities, the automotive seating industry is witnessing how Mobility as a Service and Automated Vehicles are shaping the future. Automotive IQ compiled 2018’s TOP stories. Read the full article.

Research paper on how to develop a predictive technology for seat emotion

The research study of Dr. Baekhe Lee, Minhyuk Kwak, Yeongsik Kim and Sungcheul Ahn outlines how to develop a technology which creates seat hugging feels using sitting body pressure on virtual environment. Download the paper.

Article on Seating Textile Trends for 2019

The sheer growth of car sharing services prompts the industry to offer materials with stainless and odourless properties. For MaaS users, a clean interior becomes essential, so which textiles will dominate the market in 2019? Read the full article.

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Download the Updated Event Programme Agenda

This four day, tailor-made conference, attracts the globe’s best and brightest decision makers. Will you be amongst them? Download the updated Event Programme Agenda and get ready to connect.Event topics are organized according to the latest trends and demands. These themes include:Enhancing unique passenger experienceDiscover light, sustainable, and robust materials...

Partner Content: Attendee Snapshot Download

Download the Attendee Snapshot here to learn about who you can expect to meet at the 14th International Conference – Innovative Automotive Seating 2019.  Be part of the automotive seating shift.  Bring your innovation to the people that matter and help OEMs and Seating Manufacturers build the seat of the...

Partner Content: Download the 2019 Preliminary Agenda Here

Download the preliminary agenda for the 14th International Conference Innovative Seating in Düsseldorf, Germany taking place from 18 – 21 February 2019.   Learn more about speakers, topics, workshops and partnership opportunities within this preview here:

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Download the Sponsorship Prospectus to learn about the partnership opportunities with Seating 2018. Inside you'll learn:Event at a glance: About the event, Key topic areas, Presenters this yearWhat our attendees say about our eventWhy you need to be at Seating 2018Seniority, Job Function, Industries, and Investment Priorities of AttendeesChallenge Areas...

Partner Content: 2019 Event & Sponsorship Prospectus

In the advent of autonomous vehicles, EVs, and carsharing, the interior of the car becomes the biggest differentiator for automotive brands. Now in its 14th year, the longest running and most loyally attended event dedicated to Automotive Seating comes back to Düsseldorf on 18 – 21 February, 2019. Connect your...