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Research paper on how to develop a predictive technology for seat emotion

The research study of Dr. Baekhe Lee, Minhyuk Kwak, Yeongsik Kim and Sungcheul Ahn outlines how to develop a technology which creates seat hugging feels using sitting body pressure on virtual environment. The research was conducted by quantifying hugging feel of various seat emotions and applying ...

E-Book: Automotive Seating Innovations - What is next?

Due to autonomous driving trends, designers and engineers will have to adjust automotive seating to improve its comfort and ergonomics, introduce sustainable fabrics, and incorporate smart seating systems. The concept of the seat will undergo significant changes as autonomous car interior will be ...

Automotive IQ E-Book: Rethinking Car Seat Design

For the automotive seating, the main industry trends include car-sharing and self-driving cars. The next generations seats should learn to adjust by themselves and have robust materials to endure frequent use. What will be the impact of these trends on car seats? AI-enabled VR and AR work ...

Automotive IQ Article: Smart Seats Revolutionizing Passenger Comfort and Safety

Car seats are changing. Gone are the days when basic cloth upholstery and manual adjustment are the accepted norm. Instead, along with rising demand for premium materials, electronic controls and greater degrees of adjustment, increasing levels of vehicle autonomy are revolutionizing the way car ...

Registration Form - Innovative Seating 2020

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Interview with Adient, JPA and TU Delft on cross industry trends influencing customer’s seating experience

Andreas Maashof from Audient; John Tight from JPA and Peter Wink from the TU Delft reveal cross industry examples which will change the future of automotive seating design. The interview includes:Automotive seating designCar seat design conceptsAutonomous car interiorBig data in car interior designDownload the full interview.

Interview with studiokurbos GmBH: A New Human Centric Approach to Automotive Interior Design

What will happen if you place the user first at the beginning of your car design process?To find the answer, download this interview with Andreas Kurbos, CEO at studiokurbos GmbH, with whom we discussed their unique "human centric design".

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Grammar AG Presentation: on Seat and Spine Health

How to monitor driver health? Long-duration driving can be particularly dangerous for human spine. Dr. Susanne Frohriep from Grammar AG discusses the importance of ergomechanics for automotive seat design and comfort, and how to configure seat functionality for modern seating.The Presentation focuses on:User-Product InteractionMain Functions of the SpineLatest Research on...

Presentation on how disruptive game changers will affect the automotive seating industry

Andreas Maashoff, Director Industrial Design and Craftsmanship at Adient discusses how transportation will become a bigger business than traditional automotive today, and how this will affect automotive interiors and seating systems. Download the presentation.

PSA Groupe Presentation on The Seat Effects on the Neuromuscular Fatigue during Long Duration Driving

Seat with soft foam should be better to reduce the neuromuscular fatigue. Find out in this exclusive presentation by PSA Groupe on the seat effects on the neuromuscular fatigue during long duration driving. The presentation summarizes the study on static simulator and dynamic car driving, which was recently performed by...

Hyundai Presentation: Development of a Predictive Technology for Seat Emotion

The Presentation is a summary of a study which proposed a predictive technology for seat hugging feel using sitting body pressure on virtual environment. To develop a seat hugging feel prediction system, a five-step ergonomic research was conducted: S1. feasibility study, S2. hugging quantification, S3. hugging experiment, S4. hugging analysis,...

Volvo Presentation on Seating Positions

In the era of new mobility, shared cars, and automation how to adapt seat positions? This presentation gives an OEM point of view and exploration toward seat standpoints.


Industry Report on the Latest Trends for Seating

Automotive IQ reveals in this report which innovations are needed for the seating market to meet customer expectations following the adaption of autonomous vehicles. The Report covers:Car Seat Material FabricAutonomous Vehicle Interior and Smart SeatingCar Seat SensorRead the report.

Article on 2018’s TOP stories on automotive seating developments

From innovative designs to new connectivity functionalities, the automotive seating industry is witnessing how Mobility as a Service and Automated Vehicles are shaping the future. Automotive IQ compiled 2018’s . Read the full article.

Article on Seating Textile Trends for 2019

The sheer growth of car sharing services prompts the industry to offer materials with stainless and odourless properties. For MaaS users, a clean interior becomes essential, so which textiles will dominate the market in 2019? Read the full article.

The automotive seating industry riding into the future

Seating suppliers have had to face cost-down pressures and the commoditization of their product in recent years. And like suppliers in other areas of the vehicle, they’ve responded with cost-saving innovations. Download here the Automotive IQ Article.

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Partner Content – Free PSA Group Presentation: The Seat Effect on the Neuromuscular Fatigue

Read the comparative study from PSA Groupe on new methods to assess seat efficiency in this free presentation about "The Seat Effect on the Neuromuscular Fatigue During Long Duration Driving." Laurent Bauvineau, Project Manager and Dr. Mathieu Lecocq, Research Engineer offer an OEM perspective on the challenges & solutions covering...

Partner Content - Rethinking Car Seat Designs + Hyundai Presentation - Hugging Feel

Download the eBook "Automotive Seating Innovation: Rethinking Car Seat Designs" and free presentation from Hyundai on the Development of a Predictive Technology for Seat Emotion Based on Sitting Body Pressure -  Hugging Feel.Hot Topics Addressed Include:Trends that Set the Stage: Car-Sharing and Self-Driving CarsAdvances in Seat Design EngineeringFuture Goals in...

Partner Content – Free Volvo Presentation: Innovation Automotive Seating

Learn more from this exclusive Volvo Car Corporation Presentation by Peter Setterberg, Technical Specialist, where he give an OEM perspective and understanding of seat standpoints in "Seating positions, Now and in the Future!".What other problems do OEMs face?Get exclusive information on:Results from Volvo’s Seating Position ClinicHow do tools need to...

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