Thank you for attending this year’s event. The current projections speaks of Covid-19 impacting our society well into 2021 which is why we decided to move next year’s event into second half of 2021 where we then believe we will be able to deliver the conference without having to compromise on the experience for everyone attending.

Improve your current seat technology and prepare for the next-generation car seats

Safety - Autonomous driving - Innovative materials - Smart textiles - Comfort
After fourteen successful annual conferences with an exclusive focus on Automotive Seating, this edition of the 15th International Innovative Seating Conference 2020 is even more promising!

 Over the last decade we have provided the automotive seating community with a wonderful platform for exchanging knowledge and ideas. We have heard dozens of case-studies relating to important and acute issues. 

Autonomous driving, sustainable development goals, electric vehicles, connected cars - the list of upcoming challenges for automotive seating is quite impressive. However, these challenges can also become new possibilities for car interior. This year, we bring you next generation innovative seating solutions to enhance quality of seating systems, their sustainability and comfort levels.

At the Conference, you will not only get updated on the latest car seat designs, but also have a chance to closely interact with the professionals working in the area of automotive seating. Apart from the expert lectures and unique social events, you can gain practical skills during our interactive workshops.

Key Topic Areas 2020:

Driver and passenger experience: how to influence car seat comfort by temperature, smell, pressure distribution and light?

Passenger and driver health: how to stimulate variation in posture and monitor their health?

Automotive seating safety: what is important for rear seat belts comfort and CAD verification?

Car interior fabric: how to achieve sustainability in seating? 

Car seat sensors: which textile electronics can be already implemented?

The future role of the vehicle seat in autonomous driving - What opportunities will greater vehicle automation offer?

Featured Speakers

What is special about the 15th edition of the Innovative Seating Conference? The Conference is collocated with the 20th Intelligent Lighting Conference with a special focus day dedicated to autonomous car interior. This will boost your networking and learning experience!

What can you expect on siteThe Conference is organized in the way to maximize your learning and networking opportunities: 
  • prioritize whom you want to meet during the conference by attending our special social events 
  • make your topic part of the agenda by participating in panel discussions, open Q&A sessions and panel discussions
  • acquire new professional skills during interactive workshops conducted by leading experts 
  • listen to expert presentations on our key topic areas

How will this conference benefit you?

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Deepen your knowledge in sustainability in seating and new possibilities arising from AD by asking pointed questions in close dialogue with experts

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Get insights on new technologies and methods to monitor driver's health and to tackle health issues related to aging population

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Listen to the expert presentation on improving rear belt safety and CAD verification

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Test live new smart materials with two different methods and get an insight into textile electronics

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