Electrified and Fail-operational: Braking and Motion Control for Future Vehicles

The 13th International Conference Intelligent Braking will focus on development of high quality brake systems for electric and autonomous vehicles to ensure enhanced safety and performance. The event will bring together automotive industry professionals to exchange their ideas and strategies for the most reliable braking systems.

Join the conference to:

  • Learn the perspective of industry leaders on autonomous braking and their safety architecture during expert presentations

  • Participate in round tables on torque vectoring, enhanced safety with steering sensors, cross redundancy and safety goals for brake-by-steering and steer-by-braking 

  • Get to know innovative strategies for brake blending and ride blending in EVs, development of lightweight components for electric brake boosters and system layouts with electrification for increased quality

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Collocated International Conferences for Intelligent Braking and Intelligent Steering, taking place in Berlin from 19-21 November 2019, is a unique meeting place of the automotive industry experts working on motion control for future vehicles.

Featured Speakers

What you will learn

The core topics at a glance

Electro-Mechanical Brakes

Fail-Operational Modes

Braking Systems for L3 vehicles and beyond

Functional Safety

Regenerative Braking

Low Emission Brakes

Integrated Vehicle Motion Control  

Reports & Studies on Intelligent Braking
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Overcoming the Barriers to Consumer Adoption

Presentation by Volkswagen

Electrification of Braking Systems

13th International Conference Intelligent Braking 2019

Regenerative Braking

Jaguar Land Rover Presentation

Braking system redundancy

in autonomous vehicles