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Mahindra Presentation: Brake system architectures for highly automated driving

Learn more about advanced braking solutions for collision avoidance with this presentation prepared by David Peck, Advanced Technology Subject Matter Expert at Mahindra Automotive North America.

Article on how braking and steering systems will control a new generation of autonomous vehicle

Understanding the market opportunities and challenges of X-by-wire technology for manufacturers with the increase in autonomous vehicles  

Report: The latest in electromobility and regenerative braking technology

Regenerative braking is a vital concept towards e-mobility and fuel efficiency. Download this report for free here:

Jaguar Land Rover Presentation on Regenerative Braking

Nicolas Godlewski, Technical Specialist Actuation and Regenerative Braking, from Jaguar Land Rover shares his presentation on "Regenerative Braking Systems".Download it for free here:

Article on braking system redundancy and autonomous driving

Read here more about:The road to full automationRedundant systems in autonomous vehiclesTesla crashes pose self-driving questionsVolvo's autonomous road testDownload the report for free here:

Presentation by Mando on Future Requirements for Future Brake Systems

Dr.-Ing. Ralf Leiter, Director, ABS/ESP/EPB at Mando Corporation Europe, offers his presentati ...

Presentation on optimized vehicle architecture with brake-by-wire

Prof. Dr.h.c. Jürgen Stockmar at Institute for Powertrains and Automotive Technology, made an exclusive presentation on the topic of “Optimized Vehicle Architecture with brake-by-wire”. Download the presentation for free here.

Presentation: Towards environmentally friendly friction brakes

Vehicles with regenerative braking are required to be fitted with foundation brakes. Such brakes typically utilize grey cast iron rotors, which are heavy and, hence, increase energy consumption as well as emission of green house gases. Is there any solution? ...

Presentation by Continental on intelligent tire technology in the context of big data

Thomas Scheid and Dr. Daniel Fischer from Continental present an overview of intelligent tire technology.Download the presentation here for free:

Report on Drive-by-Wire: Overcoming the Barriers to Consumer Adoption

In an automotive world brimming with tech developments, the benefits of drive-by-wire for end consumers are out in the open.Drive-by-wire technology faces an uphill road due to high costs, risk of electronics failure, and different drive feel. How can the industry overcome such barriers an ...

Report on brake-by-wire systems: OEMs overview

As we move ever closer to autonomous vehicles, the issues of safety around braking systems continue to come under the spotlight.Download an overview with OEMs working with brake-by-wire systems here 

Volkswagen's Presentation on Electrification of Brake Systems

Download this presentation prepared by Michael Lingg and Frank Stebner from Volkswagen to learn more about:Residual TorqueAdapted Caliper ConceptsRecuperative BreakingDifferent Driver ProfilesAdapted Operation Mode

Report:The Recent Wave of Brake Recalls

Do you want to get updated on the latest wave of brake recalls? Then download our report on brake recalls for free.

Article on regenerative braking in autonomous and electrified landascape

Several companies are rising to meet the challenges of regenerative braking. Download the articles to learn more about the breakthrough technologies that are in development in the braking sector.


Download the Agenda of the 13th International Intelligent Braking Conference 2019

Automotive IQ invites you to attend the longest running Braking Systems Conference in Europe, designed with the expertise of leading experts and intense market research.Hear the latest updates on the areas of: Electro-Mechanical Brakes, Braking Systems for L3 vehicles and beyond, Fail-Operational Modes, Functional Safety, Regenerative Braking, Low Emission Brakes...