27 - 29 November, 2018
Hotel Palace Berlin, Berlin, Germany

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Download the Agenda 2018

Visit the 10th International Conference Braking Systems which takes place 27 - 29 November 2018 in Berlin, Germany and learn more about:Discuss the system archit ...

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Jaguar Land Rover Presentation

Nicolas Godlewski, Technical Specialist Actuation and Regenerative Braking, from Jaguar Land Rover shares his presentation on "Regenerative Braking Systems". 

Optimized Vehicle Architecture with brake-by-wire

Prof. Dr.h.c. Jürgen Stockmar at Institute for Powertrains and Automotive Technology, made an exclusive presentation on the topic of: “Optimized Vehicle Architecture with brake-by-wire”. Download the presentation for free here.

Report on braking system redundancy and autonomous driving

Download the full report for free here.

Interview with Ralf Leiter

Ralf Leiter, Engineering Director ESC at Mando Corp., discussed in an exclusive interview the developments, challenges and best practices around  brake systems and redundant architectures. Download this interview for free here.

Press Release Intelligent Braking Systems

Download here the Press Release of the upcoming conference Intelligent Braking Systems 2017 in Berlin, Germany.

Towards environmentally friendly friction brakes

Professor David Barton, University of Leeds, presents on environmentally friendly friction brakes. Download the free presentation here.

Braking system redundancy and autonomous driving

Read here more about:- The road to full automoation- Redundant systems in autonomous vehicles- Tesla crashes pose self-d ...

Future Requirements for Future Brake Systems - a presentation by Mando

Dr.-Ing. Ralf Leiter, Director, ABS/ESP/EPB at Mando Corporation Europe, offers his presentation about Future Requirements for Future Brake Systems in Pass Cars - Consequences for Design and Development. Download ...

Report on regenerative braking in an electrified/autonomous landscape

The trends of electrification and autonomous driving in the automotive industry are pushing forward technological innovation in advanced braking systems which enhance performance and improve energy efficiency of vehicles.Read more about this topic and the use and development of regenerative braki ...

Exclusive Interview with Dr. Tom Vöge, Policy Analyst at OECD

Dr. Tom Vöge of OECD talks about the challenges and opportunities within the future of Intelligent Breaking in this exclusive interview with Automotive IQ.  Download it here for free.