April 30- May 2, 2018
Detroit, MI

Sponsors & Exhibitors


Bitrode Corp
Website: http://www.bitrode.com/

Bitrode Corporation, a Sovema Company, is a leading manufacturer of battery formation and production line testing equipment, laboratory test equipment, user-friendly software and manufacturing automation tools appropriate to all battery applications and chemistries.  Our focus on quality and commitment to providing superior technical support drives us to be one of... Read More

Maxwell Technologies
Website: http://www.maxwell.com/auto

Maxwell Technologies and its full line of industry-leading ultracapacitors have been the preferred energy storage and power delivery solution in more than two million vehicles, including start-stop modules for both European and North American auto manufacturers.  Maxwell’s ultracapacitors extend vehicle battery life and contribute to improved fuel efficiency and reduced... Read More

On Semiconductor
Website: http://www.onsemi.com

ON Semiconductor enables energy efficient automotive solutions that reduce emissions, improve fuel economy, and enhance lighting, safety, connectivity, and infotainment power delivery systems. A broad array of products deliver solutions focused on; powertrain, viewing, ADAS, LED lighting, climate control, door zone, park assist, IVN, body control and infotainment applications. Read More

Johnson Controls
Website: http://www.JohnsonControls.com/PowerSolutions

Johnson Controls Power Solutions is a world leader working in partnership with our customers to meet increasing market demands for energy-storage on a global scale. We create the most advanced battery technologies for virtually every type of vehicle on the planet. Our 15,000 employees develop, manufacture, and distribute the smartest... Read More