April 30- May 2, 2018
Detroit, MI

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3rd Low Voltage Vehicle Electrification Summit Agenda

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Low Voltage Electrification Conference! With the focus of the Automotive Industry sharply changing towards higher vehicle electrification, we have to assume that dependency on fossil fuels will become a thing of the past. Download the full brochure and h ...

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Successful 48V Integration by Volkswagen

Andrew Cunningham, Senior Manager of Integrated & Electric Vehicle Safety at Volkswagen, discusses with us the current limitations of 12V systems, what is motivating other OEMs/Tier 1s to follow suit in implementing 48V systems, top safety concerns when it comes to the integration of a 48V po ...

48V: Collected facts, latest developments and expert opinions

48V: Collected facts, latest developments and expert opinions 48 Volt - the new voltage level in vehicles. We have compiled facts, industry survey results as well as the latest developments and added expert opinions on 48 Volt Power Supply Systems.

48 Volt Mild Hybrid: Great Benefit at a Low Cost

48 volt has many advantages such as allowing vehicles not to lose engine performance but to gain fuel efficiency from downsized engines. Learn more about 48V  and its benefits, interesting statistics and facts in this infographic by Delphi.

Audi Discusses 48V Technology on the Automotive Horizon

48V electronic architecture has been looming on the automotive horizon for a few years, and rapid growth is expected over the next five years as manufacturers strive to meet increasingly stringent CO2 emission targets. 48V mild hybrids are considered one of the most cost-effective ways of ac ...

The Energy-Storage Revolution

Lithium-ion batteries enabled smartphones to flourish. The next innovation will upend transportation and the grid. George Crabtree is director of the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research at Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois, and at the University of Illinois at Chicago. In this article Ge ...

Embracing a New Horizon of Energy Applications

Discussing with us the advances in energy storage for transportation is George Crabtree, Director, Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR) at Argonne National Laboratory. George speaks about the limitations of current vehicle power supply systems, benefits of advanced lead acid over a li ...

A New Paradigm for Battery Research and Development

The Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR) introduces a new paradigm for battery research: integrating discovery science, battery design, research prototyping and manufacturing collaboration in a single highly interactive organization. This new paradigm by George Crabtree will accelerat ...

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The energy-storage frontier: Lithium-ion batteries and beyond

In this article, George Crabtree, Elizabeth Kocs, and Lynn Trahey illustrate the history of lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, which have enabled unprecedented personalization of our lifestyles through portable information and communication technology. These remarkable batteries enable the widesprea ...

Overview of 12V Low Voltage Electrification and Technology Enablers: Striking the Right Balance

George Shaska, Start/Stop Core Engineer - Advanced Electrified Powertrain Systems at Ford, discusses energy resources and electrification, enablers for fuel economy features, and low voltage architectures.

48 Volt Electrification: The next step to achieving 2020 emissions

According to Taylor Hansen, Vice-President of Controlled Power Technologies (CPT), a British technology company and a strong proponent of the 48V system, global carmakers will have to embrace 48 volts as the most cost-effective way of meeting stringent CO2 emissions regulations being introduced in 2 ...

Robert Bosch on Battery Management Systems

Automotive IQ sat down with Chrysanthos Tzivanopoulos, Lead Engineer for Hardware Development at Robert Bosch Battery Systems, and discussed the latest developments within the industry of battery management systems.

EMC Technology Report: The effect of split-voltage 12V/48V in modern cars

Today, a typical vehicle has dozens of embedded processors managing everything from passenger comfort and entertainment to critical vehicle safety systems. In fact it’s no longer possible to build vehicles that meet safety requirements without microprocessors that control systems such as the anti-lo ...

48 Volt Technology Report

The five OEM’s expressed their intention to implement a 48-volt power supply, and appealed to suppliers to actively engage in research and development of components for vehicles with a 48-volt electric system.

48V Technology on the Automotive Horizon

48V electronic architecture has been looming on the automotive horizon for a few years, and rapid growth is expected over the next five years as manufacturers strive to meet increasingly stringent CO2 emission targets.

Battery R&D Roadmap 2030

This Roadmap is focused on e-mobility, covering all vehicles with a certain degree of hybridization and electrification, from start-stop vehicles to full electric vehicles. Each vehicle typeplaces a different set of demands on the installed battery. Courtesy of EUROBAT, the Association of Europea ...

48V Past, Present, Future at Volkswagen

Florian Kühnlenz, Serial Development for Low Voltage Energy Systems at Volkswagen AG made this exclusive presentation on the topic of 48V past, present and future.

48 Volt Systems to Meet Fuel Efficiency Regulations

In this article you will discover current global emission standards, the benefits of electrification, and 48 volt hybrid technologies & powertrain architecture with companies such as Daimler, Audi, Delphi. Also how Ford is involved in the Ricardo-led Advanced Diesel-Electric Powertrain (ADEPT) proje ...

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Energy Impact Of Component Technologies And Real World Driving Cycles On Start-Stop Technologies

In this past presentation, Aymeric Rousseau, a Systems Modeling and Control Group Manager at Argonne National Laboratory, shares how to optimize the functionality of vehicle technologies in various driving conditions. Rousseau additionally gives a statistical analysis of technology combinations a ...

Steps Toward Hybridization: Shifting To 48V Through Implementation Of Dual Power Supply Systems

Juergen Wiesenberger, Head of Hybrid Electrical Vehicles North America at Continental AG, made this exclusive presentation on the topics of accounting for extra components added into powertrain design for dual voltage capabilities, interactions between 12V and 48V for on-board systems, buck and b ...

Advanced Energy Storage Solutions: Batteries Technologies To Optimize 12V And 48V Systems

Matthew Denlinger, Battery Research Engineer at Ford Motor Company, made this exclusive presentation on the topic of advanced energy storage solutions.

Examining The Safety Case For Lithium Ion Batteries: Management/Control Systems To Protect The End-User

Oliver Gross, Technical Fellow of Energy Storage Systems at FCA US LLC, made this presentation at last year's Low Voltage Vehicle Electrification Summit. He discusses in depth: monitoring the conditions of individual cells that form the battery, accepting and implementing commands from connected ...

48V In The Heavy Duty Segment. What Kinds Of System Architecture Are Required For HD?

Yann Boëté, Power Electronics Specialist & Global System Responsible, Electrical Power Management System at Volvo Group, shares a current evaluation of 48V systems and addresses the different kinds of system architecture required for HD. 

Low Voltage Vehicle Electrification Past Presentations

In preparation for Low Voltage Vehicle Electrification 2018, we wanted to exclusively share these past presentations with you. Below you will find expert content on:Examining The Safety Case For Lithium Ion Batteries: Management/Control Systems To Protect The End-UserSteps To ...

Everything You Need to Know About OEMs $100 Billion Vehicle Electrification Investments

This exclusive infographic shares the major electrification investments/projects of OEMs such as: Volvo, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), Toyota, Mazda, Daimler, Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi, GM, Ford, and the VW Group. OEMs are planning to electrify their complete vehicle lines as soon as 2019. This road ...

Conversations with General Motors, DENSO International America, & the United States Council for Automotive Research: Low Voltage Challenges & Opportunities

Prior to the Low Voltage Vehicle Electrification Summit this April, we spoke with Dave Rich from General Motors, Jim Harkins from DENSO International America, and Anson Lee from the United States Council for Automotive Research – Electrical Power Systems Working Group to talk about low voltage ch ...