Car Body, Interior and Materials
car body interior and materials

Strong, lightweight materials are helping the industry to meet customer and government demands for safety while helping to reduce weight and C02 output. This section provides information on innovation and design for topics such as the automotive cockpit, seating systems, door systems, roof systems, paints and composite materials such as CFRP, glass fiber composites, aluminium, magnesium, advanced high-strength steel, plastics, paints and coatings.

Contributor: Saghi Saedlou
Posted: 13/04/2017
Saghi Saedlou
In the run-up to Automotive IQ's conference on Automotive Corrosion Protection, Aperam's Saghi Saedlou and Dr. Karl-Heinz Stellnberger from voestalpine gave us the opportunity to talk to them about the challenges of the topic and what they will be doing at the conference. Full Interview »
Contributor: Peter Els
Posted: 03/27/2017
Peter Els
The costs of corrosion protection are not only in terms of rework or scrap costs, but with stringent quality management systems in place, several thousand parts per million could impact on the prospects of being awarded future business. Full Article »
Contributor: Peter Els
Posted: 02/23/2017
Peter Els
Rearview mirrors have been around for more than a hundred years, but few people are aware that the first rearview mirror fitted to a car played a pivotal role in delivering a race win! Ray Harroun won the first Indianapolis 500 in 1911, mostly thanks to him fitting a mirror to his Marmon Wasp while all the other competitors had to drag around a “riding mechanic” to tell them when cars were close behind or coming up alongside them. Full Column »