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Discover new solutions for effective thermal management in system architectures, cost and efficiency innovations and discuss the newest technological advancements dominating the field today.

Thermal Management for EVs/HEVs Webinar will identify and highlight the latest trends sweeping the industry. Its expert speakers will discuss the movement towards a standardized thermal management system in EVs.

This online event is where industry insiders will share the latest thermal management developments in the context of system safety, noise optimization, battery packaging and electronics cooling strategies.

Key topics include:

  • Detailed overview of optimal thermal management strategies for high voltage batteries
  • Identifying and offering solutions for current technologies in heating systems and new strategies for enhanced thermal comfort
  • Establishing important design processes, giving a broad overview of where the leading companies are working, before focusing on areas for growth
  • Highlighting significant issues being faced right now, related to new approaches in thermal modelling and simulations and end-to-end component evaluation

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In this session, you will learn about:                                                   
  • High power batteries in electric vehicles release large amounts of heat due to high charge and discharge rates
  • PCM can be used to dissipate peaks of thermal load
  • With open porous metal structures the system’s thermal behavior can be optimized to thermal boundary conditions
  • Dummy battery cells with were developed to test the system in proper dimensions applying official driving cycles
André Schlott, Head of Business Unit Energy and Thermal Management, Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM

Session Two – How do you improve HVAC efficiency with heat pumps and thermal storage?

In this presentation, the expert will go into the following topics:
  • Impact of HVAC system energy consumption on EV range… and some ideas for improvements
  • Heat pumps and heat sources for them
  • Thermal storage and waste heat usage
Christian Rathberger, Senior Manager, Magna Powertrain Engineering Center Steyr

In this presentation you will hear a perspective of an EV car maker, discussing:
  • A faster 3D thermal simulation method for a full battery module
  • Using a 3D network of thermal links representing conduction between important thermal masses in the module.
  • The thermal masses are lumped representations of module components including battery cells and cell holders.
  • Comparison of the simulation results with those of the full fidelity 3D model for 1.5C  discharge and a fast charge cycle

Aditya Velivelli, Senior Thermal Applications Engineer, SERES EV

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