01 - 03 July, 2019
Hotel Palace Berlin, Germany

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2nd Powertrain Electrification for Medium And Heavy Duty Vehicles1 – 3 July 2019, Berlin, GermanyJoin this cross-value-chain event where experts shed light on new powertrain architectures for zero-emission, light, and heavy-duty vehicles to maximize range ...

Exclusive Content

"More Power at Lower Costs: The Challenges of Electric Heavy Duty Vehicles" - Exclusive Article - 2019

Electric Heavy Duty Vehicles is currently a sizzling segment in terms of Powertrain and Thermal Management Systems technology. Following the electrification trend of passenger cars or MaaS vehicles, HDVs are the subject of furious developments on the OEM side, in pursuit of efficiency and range whilst tailing off on production...

Ford Otosan Interview - "Grid and Cell Technologies for HDVs" - 2019

Mustafa Karamuk, Senior R&D Engineer - Advanced Powertrain Systems at Ford Otosan in Turkey discusses power grid status and cell technology in terms of latest developments and challenges, and presents his forecast on the EV market growth in the latest Automotive IQ article, that you download for free here:

Exclusive Article: HDV Batteries - The Range, Weight and Power Equation

Forecast for the heavy duty vehicles industry is flooded with new launches from top players like Mercedes, MAN and Volvo when in previous years the e-truck industry was mainly about start-ups. Still, the segment faces technical challenges in terms of battery size and range that remain one of the biggest...

Ricardo Presentation - "Next Generation Thermal Management for Electrified Powertrains in Heavy Duty Vehicles" - 2018

To take full advantage of the increasing electrification of vehicle powertrains, complex thermal management is required. Expand your knowledge within this area by downloading the Ricardo technical research focused on "Next generation thermal management for electrified powertrains in heavy duty vehicles" presented by Dr. Cédric Rouaud, Global Technical Expert -...

Fraunhofer Institute Presentation - "Design and Development Process for Rapid Charge Storage Heaters for Electric Buses" - 2018

Expand your knowledge on this topic with this exclusive presentation by Stefan Kuitunen from the Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems IVI on the topic of: "Design and development process for rapid charge storage heaters for electric buses".The presentation covers the following:Available solutions for e-busesHeat demand simulationElectric heating systemsRapid...

Exclusive Report - "Will Heavy Electric Trucks Bear The Load" - 2018

Battery size and weight are the top drawbacks to electric vehicles in general. The problem of reducing size and weight but boosting power is the focus of more research in EVs than any other. This includes heavy vehicles.Is the solution bigger batteries or something new? Expand your knowledge within this...

Exclusive Report - "Can Advanced Hybrid Electric Drive Solutions Cut Heavy Duty Vehicle Emissions" - 2018

An Automotive IQ exclusive report focused on the current solutions on how to cut the heavy duty emissions and how can  the advanced hybrid electric drive solve the issue - 2018