James Bonnett

Market Technology Manager Victrex, UK

James completed his BEng in 2001 & MBa in 2011 both from University of Leeds, England. He has worked for Victrex for the past 7 years and is researching technology trends for eMachines used in automotive electric powertrains since 2013. He is a previous speaker at this conference on the subject of PEEK high performance polymer material applications in eMachines. Today he will present a design investigation for high voltage electric machines using PEEK coated magnet wire for enhanced powertrain performance.


Conference Day Two: 12th February 2020

Wednesday, February 12th, 2020

2:40 PM Using advanced insulation to improve thermal management and increase e-motor efficiency for improved vehicle range

• Relevant eMotor trends in Auto powertrains
• A comparison of magnet wire insulation materials
• A design investigation into high voltage hairpin PM machines
• Conclusions, benefits for performance, efficiency & vehicle range

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