16 - 19 March, 2020

Pre-Conference Workshops

Pre-Conference Workshop

9:00 am - 12:00 pm Workshop A: IP Protection for Connected And Autonomous Vehicles

Intellectual property protections for the innovations driving many of the recent advances in CAVs are in a state of flux. The best intellectual property strategy to protect those developments will depend not just on the type of technology at issue but also on whether the technology was developed independently or as part of a collaborative effort.
Nevertheless, with appropriate planning, a company or group of companies may successfully employ an intellectual property protection strategy involving both patents and trade secrets that maximizes its chances of protecting its innovations. This workshop will provide some key tips for IP protection in the context of CAVs.

  • Reflect the allocation of design and development responsibilities and risks borne by each party to the collaboration, including overall integration responsibility, responsibility for design defects, costs of recall and product liability issues.
  • Recognize the need for continued collaboration and future access to underlying components of the jointly developed product to enable continuous improvements and cybersecurity defense given the rapid change in both the technology itself and the regulatory environment that is still adapting to these new capabilities.
Nicholas Lauw, Partner at Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP

Nicholas Lauw

Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP

It is becoming more and more evident as the technology for autonomous cars develops, that cybersecurity is a critical subject which will impact on public trust and acceptance of driverless cars. This is not a new concept by any means and manufacturers, as well as those involved in the supply chain, are treating cybersecurity with the utmost priority as they embark on the journey towards autonomous vehicles. This workshop will focus on
  • Mapping out the potential vulnerabilities across platforms in CAVs
  • Securing control networks of CAVs and smart infrastructure against cyber attacks
  • Incorporating holistic systems to ensure safety, privacy and reliability
  • Arresting the attacks on the communication channel in co-operative CAVs
  • Strengthening data privacy policies to safeguard data exchange with various stakeholders
Understanding the role of regulation to tackle cybersecurity threats
Manan Qureshi, APAC Head of Security Strategy, Risk & Compliance (SSRC) Practice, Associate Partner - APAC, WW Cyber Resiliency Focal - Security Services at IBM Security

Manan Qureshi

APAC Head of Security Strategy, Risk & Compliance (SSRC) Practice, Associate Partner - APAC, WW Cyber Resiliency Focal - Security Services
IBM Security