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Bastian Hartmann, Research Engineer in Advanced Power Supply and Energy Management, from

7 Issues to Solve in Wiring Harness Tech: What Do the Experts Say

After tremendous technological developments and advancements, wiring harness and multiple networks in new car models are supporting not only EVs but also improving the advanced functions needed for AV. We selected 7 experts from different companies t ...

Exclusive Expert Interview with Parthipan Rajendra from Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi on Achieving Accurate and Cost-effective Mass Production

Industry and research undertake massive efforts to enhance the automation in the assembly of wiring harness modules.Read an exclusive expert interview with 

How are Autonomous Vehicles Changing Wiring Harness Systems?

With so many developments in the field of autonomous vehicles regarding e-motors or electric powertrains, the role of wiring harness is often overlooked. Increasing amounts of data in self-driving car systems make wiring technology a critical piece of the puzzle to edg ...


Download the Agenda for the International Automotive Wiring Harness Conference 2019

We would like to present to you the International Automotive Wiring Harness conference, where you will learn about the latest solutions for wire weight reduction, ensuring vehicle and user safety and vehicle mapping taking place from 11 to November 2019 in Berlin, Germany. Great networking opportunities on site with General...

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Partner Content - Get the 2019 Info!

Automotive IQ the international conference Automotive Wiring Harness 2019!  Our event will deliver a high innovation discussion platform for solution providers to present and exhibit opportunities that will address the needs present by the realization of high voltage tech and multiple networks within new car models, both to support EVs...

Partner Content: Get the info! 48V & Wiring Harness Presentation from Bosch

Learn more from this Bosch Presentation by Dr Achim Henkel, where he explains the 48V Power Distribution Networks: Risk and Changes.  Hot topics addressed include: Market ExpectationPeak and Average Demand for ComponentsHV/48V Power Distribution NetworksChances, Risks and Measurementsand More!