After tremendous technological developments and advancements, wiring harness and multiple networks in new car models are supporting not only EVs but also improving the advanced functions needed for AV. The all new Automotive Wiring Harness Conference is bringing together the top OEMs, Tier 1’s, wire harness developers, high voltage systems and other suppliers to provide an unparalleled networking opportunity for vendors and audiences to share the latest solutions, case studies, strategies and developments in the wiring harness industry. 

Why should you attend this conference?

  • Tools and strategies for reducing cost: Ensure a working cable within the wire harness to reduce cost of retrofit and enable new materials and harness designs for reasonable prices
  • Facing electrification safety issues: Protect and insulate electric and electronic cables to guarantee a safe use of the cable and the wire harness, especially for high voltage application
  • Technology developments for wire harness weight reduction: Support the lightweight trend and get the wire harness system lights and find the optimal substitute material for the expensive copper
  • Architecture improvements for multiple electric networks and higher current: Optimise packaging of the wire harness to enable less amount of cable and material usage

Conference Overview

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15+ Technical Presentations

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Facilitated Networking

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6 Workshops

What you can expect

Who is Who

Discover who else is participating in the conference at the matchmaking picture wall.

Meet the Decision Makers

Interact and discuss with other experts over four days of conference activities.

Panel Discussion

Steer this interactive panel discussion with  our questions to our panel of  experts & use the opportunity for further discussion.

Round Table Discussions

Choose your main discussion topic and deepen your knowledge in close dialogue with experts by pointed questions.

Featured Speakers