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Automotive IQ gathered the latest top 10 stories on 5G network for automotive.Learn more

Tags: Connected Cars | 5G

Automotive IQ will be hosting the following event taking place 12-14 December 2017, and will feature solutions to the on-going industry challenges of Automotive Human Machine Interface.Learn more


Diesel emission regulation is a highly contestable subject in Europe and the implementation of new real-driving test procedures can go a long way towards improving the nature of type-approval certification.Learn more

Automotive Software Development

The modern car is often referred to as a computer on wheels. And this is not far off the mark, with complex ADAS and hybridized powertrains requiring millions of lines of software code to keep them on the road.Learn more


Recent advances in biotechnology have allowed a new class of polymers to be developed. Made from renewable raw materials, these bio-based aqueous polyurethanes also demonstrate superior film performance to their fossil-fuel based predecessors.Learn more


Game-changing moments that are bringing the electric vehicle revolution ever closer.Learn more


Remanufacturing of Hydraulic Power Steering has played a significant and important role for OES and the automotive parts aftermarket industry over the last thirty plus years. With the technological advancements in vehicle systems and the shift to Electronic Power Steering (EPS), the viability of EPS remanufacturing is called into question.Learn more


As electronic components now make up over 50% of the total manufacturing cost of a car, and some cars now containing over 100 million lines of code, it’s clear the automotive cyber wars are just getting started.Learn more


Technology is transforming what carmakers can do with interiors. New mega trends will change how customers spend time in the cabin.Learn more


Since people spend more and more time in their vehicles, car interiors are becoming extremely important in car design. In this technical article Stefan Buri, Global Marketing Director Automotive, discusses Stahl’s next-gen car interior technologies that are used for the creation of the ‘3rd living space of the future’.Learn more

84 whitepaper results
of 9