indiViso GmbH

The Indiviso GmbH goes back to the founding of the ISOTEX GmbH in Gelsenkirchen in June 2003 by Mr. Markus Sommer and Srn Jyhs. Since a European trade mark protection with the name 'isoTex' was not possible in 2004, the company name was changed to 'indiViso' in July 2004. With this change of name, the European trademark registration could be carried out in the relevant classes. The content of the company is the distribution of insulation and fabric fabrication. Insulations and fabrics are custom-made and custom-made according to customer requirements. The main ones are textile insulation, which are custom-made according to customer specifications. If no exact specifications of the customer are available, these specifications are worked out with the customer.

Solution Category
Car Body Interior and Materials