Arconics Aviation Ltd.

Arconics, the aircraft software company, was acquired by ViaSat, Inc. in November 2016. This exciting event delivers multiple benefits to our customers and partners. Arconics is now part of a NASDAQ-listed company with a valuation of over US$3.6 Bn, with access to a talent pool of over 3,300 amazing people and a global office network. But perhaps the greatest benefit of all is that we can now deliver on the promise of the fully connected aircraft, by linking our app suite and aircraft data, via the onboard wifi network, to the ViaSat satellite constellation. Passengers will access the internet with the same experience they expect at home or work. Pilots and cabin crew will get updates while in the air. Flight operations will monitor the fleet in real-time, no matter where in the world aircraft are located. Maintenance and engineering will use aircraft data to streamline operations. Airline management will maximise ancillary revenues, deploy apps quickly and make data-driven decisions.

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