27 - 29 May, 2019
Hotel Palace Berlin, Germany

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The Vehicle Motion Control and Drive-by-Wire conference deals with advanced integrated vehicle motion control strategies and x-by-wire systems for improved safety, performance and fuel economy in the age of highly automated vehicles.If this an area you are working in, then join us in ...

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Report on Drive-By-Wire: How to Overcome the Barries to Consumer Adoption

In an automotive world brimming with tech developments, the benefits of this technology for end consumers are out in the open.Expand your knowledge within this area, with this exclusive free report written by Automotive IQ on the topic of: "Drive-By-Wire: How to Overcome the Barries to Con ...

Is drive-by-wire the future of vehicle control?

On one side, drive-by-wire significantly reduces the number of moving parts in a vehicle by replacing conventional mechanical throttle, braking and steering systems with electronics.So, if drive-by-wire systems offer so many benefits, what is there to overcome?To learn more abou ...

Whitepaper on Model-driven methodology for Vehicular Embedded Systems

In the lead-up to IQPC's Drive By Wire Conference in May, expert researcher Alesio Bucaioni shares this whitepaper on MoVES, a model-driven methodology for Vehicular Embedded Systems. Here, he introduces some of the main aspects of the application.Download the whitepaper for free here


MOBIS Presentation: Who's in Charge by Michael Smith

Want to learn about MOBIS's new developments? Download the Past Presentation: "Who's in Charge? How Autonomous Driving May Change the role of Steering Systems in the Future" by Michael Smith here.