Press Release
The current projections speaks of Covid-19 impacting our society well into 2021 which is why we now decide to move the event into second half of 2021 where we then believe we will be able to deliver the conference without having to compromise on the experience for everyone attending.

We very much regret that we will not be able to come together on the planned date for our established industry meeting, but the health and safety of our participants and our team remains our highest priority. We are currently working closely with our partners and clients to ensure the successful and safe reorganization of the event.

International Conference Vehicle Motion Control
 and X-by-Wire

Advanced integrated vehicle motion control strategies and x-by-wire systems for improved safety, performance and fuel economy in the age of highly automated vehicles

With the rising demands in vehicle safety, performance, comfort and not to forget, fuel economy, a new approach to vehicle motion control is needed. Where as in the past, all the systems of the chassis were controlled by separate ECUs, compnies in the automotive domain are now working towards combining these systems and creating a global, vehicle level, control architecture. This of course, brings new challenges to the table, not only of technical nature, but also of organizational and even "political" one. Looking at furthering the efficienty of modern vehicles, x-by-wire systems play a special role. The prospect of not having heavy, spacious mechanical components, but instead electronic commands to actuators control the vehicle motion, is a good one and a lot of R&D activities are directed towards introducing cost efficienty and reliable by-wire systems into the car. In this conference you will learn from top experts from OEMs and Tier1s and their suppliers, how too tackle the challenges associated with introducing these new technlogies. You will:

  • Learn how to deal with the complexity of a global control system on a technical level
  • Find out what the new architectures should be that incorporate autonomous driving and how to change company organization to adjust to the new realms
  • Discuss new possibilities for standardization of software and interfaces and minimizing costs, risks and validation time
  • Discover how to gain customer acceptance of new drive-by-wire systems
  • Listen to experts in functional safety and model based development on how to ensure safety of complex systems
  • See what developments are made in redundant systems in electrified vehicles