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Download the Conference Agenda 2019!

Join the discussion between Automotive and Energy Providers for developing an integrated approach to EV power supply for faster charging times and increased range!

What Should You Expect at the Conference?

  • Benchmark vehicle charging architecture and off-board infrastructure developments to enable 50+kW charging
  • Get a deeper understanding of high power charging landscape in Europe and Asia
  • Discuss the applicable battery chemistry to allow High Power Charging
  • Discover power electronics to support 100-450kW charging
  • Discuss the V2G Integration: Standards, technical challenges, infrastructure
  • Discover the latest developments in demand management strategies on charging stations
  • Meet experts from Daimler AGRenaultCEVTJaguar Land RoverEuropean CommissionABBInfineon, Shmuel De Leon EnergyUniverCell HoldingNorthvoltEnBWCIDETECFraunhofer Institute for Silicon TechnologyKITCity University of LondonTRI and more.
Download the Conference Agenda here:

Fast-Charging Tech: Furthering Range and Infrastructure - Automotive IQ Article

In a race to push forward driving range with increasingly less charging time, the OEMs and charging providers have been working on various technologies that promise huge advancements. Would you like to improve your knowledge on this topic?
Read about the latest developments in ultra-fast charging systems in our Automotive IQ article, for free here:

Renault Exclusive Past Presentation on Measurement of Charging Units: Range in The Context of Vehicle Usage

Would you like to expand your knowledge within the area of charging systems?

If the answer is yes, download this exclusive past presentation by Philippe Gyan, Innovation Pilot Battery System Modeling from Renault on Measurement of Charging Units: Range in The Context of Vehicle Usage and learn from the experts.

Contents of the presentation include:

• Context and usage of ultra fast charging systems

Charging limitations according to customer usage

• Effects of charging strategies on battery durability

CEVT Interview on High Power in Wireless Charging

Automotive IQ talked exclusively with Gabriel Samuelsson, Senior Consultant, Wireless Charging – Electrical Propulsion Systems at CEVT in Sweden about the high power in wireless charging, in our latest interview that you download for free here.

The interview covers:
  • Current status of the wireless charging technology in Europe, in terms of latest developments and challenges
  • Magnetic field behavior inside and outside an EV during wireless charging be predicted
  • CEVT further technology developments and more

Article on Ultra-Fast Charging Tech: The Future is Now

As new ultra-fast charging networks are joining the European market, such as Ionity, Ultra-E, Mega-E, and the Dutch company Allego with its first liquid-cooled chargers delivering up to 350 kW, there is no doubt that Europe is getting serious on eMobility –with a view on smarter cities. 

Automotive IQ took a deeper look into this topic and presents you the latest ultra-fast market updates in our new article that you can download for free here:

Report on Overcoming the Challenges of Fast Charging

Although no official plans for 800 V charging capacity are in place, Porsche is set to go ahead with production of the Mission E in 2020. It will be compatible with existing 400 V charging technology and future-ready for 800 V technology if/when it arrives. Expand your knowledge within this area, with this exclusive free report written by Automotive IQ on the topic of: "800 Volt Charging".

Presentation on future concepts of e-mobility from an CPO’s perspective

Expand your knowledge on this area, with this exclusive presentation by Ulf Schulte, Chief Operations Officer at Allego on the topic of: "Future concepts of e-mobility from an CPO`s perspective".

In the presentation you will learn:

  • Status quo of e-mobility and latest challenges
  • How to comply with current challenges
  • Potential solutions

Download the full presentation for free here

Lithium Balance Presentation on "Charging and Balancing via BMS"

As a CAN based charger is very often used for lithium batteries, accurate controlling of charging and balancing process is key to keep the batteries healthy and efficient in their usage. Would you like to expand your knowledge within this area? 

Download this exclusive presentation exploring "Charging And Balancing via BMS" presented by Chuong Hoang Tran, Director Sales & Business, Development at Lithium Balance in Denmark, that you read for free here: