26 - 28 March, 2019
Holiday Inn Munich City Center, Munich, Germany

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Testing tomorrow's self-driving cars today

Man’s obsession with the machine doesn’t end at ADAS and semi automated Level 3 and 4 vehicles, but rather the promise of a fully self-driving car controlled and taught by artificial intelligence. The immediate problem with this is that, being an immature technology, engineers, legislators and the public at large...

Safety Expectations for Automated and Autonomous Vehicles - Liability arising from basic technology vs. future technology

Dr. Ekkehard Helmig, Attorney-at-law, reviews in his 17-page report the liability concerns of autonomous drive, and impact of rising new technologies. Download the report for an in-depth insight into the legal aspects of autonomous drive.

Safety-critical testing of human controlled software-based systems

Active safety systems need to perform their role in a user-friendly manner and continue to function smoothly despite a panicking driver‘s instinctive reactions to unfolding events during an emergency maneuver. And because traffic safety has been a primary component of the promotion of automated driving, the unpredictable human intervention in...

Testing connected autonomous cars' communication skills

The testing of connected autonomous cars' communication skills results in massive projects around the world, such as China's goal of intelligent transportation for Shanghai residents and the fully functioning virtual city in Michigan for autonomous cars.This report gives detailed insight into several testing facilities and projects currently running, as well...

Tata Motors Presentation on ADAS - Safety Cases and Testing Scenarios

Learn more about the issue of testing scenarios with this exclusive presentation by Mahesh Shinde, GM - Head Indoor Testing (ERC) at Tata Motors Ltd. on the topic of: "Developing an efficient and effective test strategy right from concept phase".Download the full presentation for free here

Report on How Much Testing Will Prove Automated Cars Are Safe

Every January, carmakers testing self-driving cars in California have to detail how many times their vehicles malfunctioned during the preceding year. These so-called disengagement reports detail every time a human safety driver had to take control of the car, either due to hardware or software failure or because the driver anticipated a problem.Expand your...

Automotive IQ - Testing ADAS & Autonomous Drive eBook 2018

Automotive IQ is proud to present this 53 page Testing ADAS & Autonomous Drive dedicated eBook, allowing you to explore the fundamentals of ADAS & Autonomous Drive with the help of interviews, reports and presentations from OEMs, suppliers and from academia.Included in this eBook:Report:  "How much testing is enough to have a...

Bosch Engineering Presentation on Validation of Highly Automated and Autonomous Automobile Systems

Expand your knowledge on this topic with this exclusive presentation by Dr. André R. Frank, Head of Evaluation Body for Functional Safety – Valisure at Bosch Engineering in Germany on the topic of: "Validation of highly automated and autonomous automobile systems".The presentation covers the following:• V-Modell and ISO 26262• Verification...

Report on is The Industry Ready for Disruption

With the automotive industry rushing along at breakneck speed it’s only natural that cybersecurity awareness increases at a similar pace. And with the recent breakthroughs and innovation, this year looks set to showcase a set of disruptors never before seen in the industry.Expand your knowledge within this area, with this exclusive...

Report on Virtal Testing - Speeds Up The Development of Autonomous Vehicles

Because virtual testing is focused on rare and potentially hazardous scenarios, these tests equate to many generations of human driving. „These are not straight and empty roads but six million challenging kilometers that actually teach us to modify the way the self-driving car should react to unexpected or safety critical...

Role of Simulation in Testing ADAS and AD Systems

Expand your knowledge within this area, with this exclusive free presentation by Siddartha Khastgir, Principal Engineer, WMG at University of Warwick in the UK on the topic of: "Testing Continuum: Role of Simulation in Testing ADAS and AD Systems".Download the presentation for free here

Report: Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS) & driver training and testing by Royal Hoskoning DHV

This position paper describes the relevance of in-car technology, advanced driver assistance systems and (semi) automated vehicles, for driver training and testing. Read more here.

Expert Interviews with Audi and Volvo Cars on Testing ADAS and Self-driving Cars

While most self-driving car development teams acknowledge that actual road testing is crucial, virtual simulation is equally important.Expand your knowledge within this area, with this exclusive interview conducted by Automotive IQ with leading experts in this area Christoph Stadler, Developer Automated Driving Simulation from Audi and Albert Lawenius, Senior Rig...