Koen Reybrouck

General Manager REYCON BV

From 1988 until 2018 Koen worked at Tenneco, first as research engineer, and later as Research Manager, Technology Director Europe and since 2005 Global Technology Director. Koen founded in 2009  the consulting and innovation company REYCON, which supports the automotive industry with strategic advice, advanced control systems know-how and innovations in areas like new suspension concepts, control systems and (semi-)active suspension systems. 

Agenda Day 2

Wednesday, April 17th, 2019

12:20 PM Knowing the Road Ahead

  • Real time road scanning with the Xenotrack LIDAR
  • Generating a digital road in a world frame of reference
  • Using AI to classify road features
  • Applications for advanced suspension systems

4:00 PM Panel Discussion: Is Utilising High-End Suspension Systems and Designs on Autonomous Vehicles Really Necessary?

  • Can a conventional suspension system handle the job?
  • Frequency measurements and analysis
  • With costs still high how feasible are active systems?
  • Suspension requirements of autonomous trucks

Workshop Day

Thursday, April 18th, 2019

9:00 AM Workshop B: Advanced Suspension Systems for Autonomous Shuttles and Robo-Taxis

A deep-dive into the target setting and suspension concept development using the vTRACK
suspension system as example
  • Changing end customer needs drive new suspension performance targets
  • Balancing packaging and suspension performance
  • Balancing functional safety and cost

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