Emna Hamrouni

Researcher PSA

Agenda Day 1

Tuesday, April 16th, 2019

3:00 PM Improvement of Low-Frequency Comfort Through the Design of SkyHook and CRONE Semi-Active Suspension Systems

The aim of this presentation is to improve low-frequency comfort, defined in the frequency range [0; 5] Hz, of a semi-active suspension system. To do, an analysis and synthesis approach is proposed on a functional scale. A target behaviour of the equivalent open-loop, seen from the angle of low-frequency comfort, is generalized using CRONE-SkyHook (CSH) and SkyHook approaches.
All simulations, in both frequency and time domains, are performed via AMESim and MATLAB/Simulink cosimulations using a full vehicle model incorporating the non linear characteristics of the suspension spring and damper. Simulation results show that requirements in terms of body handling under road solicitations and filtering are respected.
  • Semi-active suspension low-frequency comfort improvement;
  • Development of analysis and synthesis approach;
  • Comparison between SkyHook and CRONE-SkyHook semi-active suspension systems;
  • Co-simulation to validate and prepare demo car exploitation

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