Dr. Prof. Thomas Schmitz

Professor for Automotive Engineering, Ulm University of Applied Sciences

25 years experience in various management positions in Vehicle Dynamics, Program Management and Chassis Engineering within Ford Motor Comp in several regions.
PhD in Mechatronics in 1994 
Job content:
Global responsibility for all suspension components  
Development of new technologies for suspension and suspension controls
Responsibility for Chassis system design, suspension concepts and strategies
Commodity business planning

Agenda Day 1

Tuesday, April 16th, 2019

12:20 PM Chassis and Underbody Concepts for Battery Electric Vehicles

  • Approaches to develop Battery Electric Vehicles
  • Benchmarking overview about electric vehicle architectures
  • Special system level requirements for BEV vehicles
  • Design execution

1:00 PM CAMPFIRE SESSION | Chassis related NVH aspects for EV

Following on from the last session Dr. Thomas Schmitz will present some areas for discussion.This is an interactive discussion designed to allow for debate and discussion

6:10 PM Panel Discussion: Warranty Reliability – Where Does Responsibility Lie?

  • Overview of the safety environment for OEMs and T1s
  • Key challenges related to components requirements
  • How to validate strength at a component level
  • Importance of test validation specifications
  • What are the key drivers of complexity?
  • Where does the responsibility lie
  • Developing requirements for the new subsystems
  • Correspondence of noise specs at vehicle level to component level requirements

Agenda Day 2

Wednesday, April 17th, 2019

4:00 PM Panel Discussion: Is Utilising High-End Suspension Systems and Designs on Autonomous Vehicles Really Necessary?

  • Can a conventional suspension system handle the job?
  • Frequency measurements and analysis
  • With costs still high how feasible are active systems?
  • Suspension requirements of autonomous trucks

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