Advanced Suspension Systems 2020

21 - 23 April, 2020
Frankfurt, Germany

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Conference Agenda - Advanced Automotive Suspension Systems 2020

The 12th Advanced Suspension Systems Conference 2020 is the leading annual gathering bringing together experts on automotive suspension, vehicle d ...

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Presentation on how to use driving simulators for efficient wheel suspension development

Mohit Asher and Tobias Brandin from Volvo discuss how driving simulator concepts can improve ride control performance and enhance rider comfort. Download the ful ...

Presentation on lightweight technologies for suspension systems

Prof. Dr. Ing. Peter Michel discusses lightweight technologies and materials for suspension systems in order to overcome global competition. Download the full presentation.

Interview on OEM’s demand and supply changes for suspension systems

Read how Erhan Eyol from Ford and Paolo Martino from IHS discuss the latest trends for suspension systems regarding smart materials, advanced features and electrification.

Article on the topic of weight reduction of suspension systems through lightweight materials

Automotive IQ’s article discusses concepts to reduce weight of the automotive body and drivetrain, and how to develop a lightweight materials suspension strategy. 

Ford Otosan Presentation: Smart Composite Structures for Heavy Duty Suspension Systems

Structural monitoring of suspension parts is getting more important as it enables life monitoring, predictive maintenance. Polymer Matrix Composite (PMC) technologies allow the usage of structurally embedded sensors to aid this task, giving suspension systems the capability to gather simultaneous ...

Gabriel Presentation: Strategies to Enhance Value Proposition in the Suspension Industry for EVs and AVs

Emerging automotive technology such as EV and AV is round the corner. Many Tier-I suppliers will feel the heat of changing technology needs and some of them may get displaced due to obsolescence. We as suspension community need to strategize our offerings in a smart manner so that we play a large ...

IHS Markit Presentation: ADAS and Electrification Impacts on Suspension Systems

Autonomous driving and electrification trends will have an impact on car dynamics. Learn more in the Presentation on ADAS and Electrification impacts on Suspension Systems covering the following areas:• Review of current trends impacting suspensions• Showcase of main for ...

Magneti Marelli Presentation: Trade off Analysis for Regenerative Dampers

Are regenerative dampers a worthy investment? Giardano Greco from Magneti Marelli has analyzed different suspension technologies to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each. The following technologies have been analyzed:• Linear Electro-mechanical• Ball-screw El ...

Politecnico di Milano Presentation: On Road Preview for Active Suspensions

Active suspension control system is a leading technology, although it may require additional evaluation in each case. Learn more in the presentation from Politecnico di Milano On Road Preview for Active Suspensions.The presentation will discuss some basic technical issues related to the us ...

Ford Presentation: Optimizing Suspension Systems Using Analytical Methods for Critical Load-Cases

Learn more about:Suspension Component OptimizationAnalytical Tools and ProcessesCritical LoadcasesRegional Component RequirementThe Presentation was prepared for the Advanced Suspension Systems Conference 2017. 

Ford Presentation: Force Vectoring Spring Implementation into a Twistbeam Suspension

Dr. Andreas Carlitz and Dr. Thomas Schmitz from Ford Germany discussed the state-of-the-art in suspension technologies during the 11th Advanced Suspension Systems 2019. The presentation explains the innovation of implementing Force Vectoring Springs into a rear twistbeam. In addition, the ...