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The automotive industry is rapidly developing vehicles that are connected, autonomous, shared and electric. However, in order for this to take hold, innovations to enhance comfort, ensure safety + security and reduce emissions are required.

Advanced Steering Systems Online 2020 is the event of professionals working to create the breakthroughs that will bring the next generation of steering systems to market

In this digital event, we have gathered the leading experts in materials, sensors, mechatronics, functional safety and cybersecurity to give insights into how to best adjust to this rapidly evolving area and share lessons learnt on how to stay competitive.

Key topics:

  • Discover the latest developments from top OEMs and Tier suppliers in steering systems for automated vehicles, including how to approach fail-operational systems, fail-tolerant powernets and cybersecurity
  • Listen to leading experts detail the latest developments in steer-by-wire systems
  • Identify innovative new solutions to the main challenges in current electric power steering systems
  • Get the latest industry insights into material solutions for weight and emissions reduction

Automotive IQ events are designed to offer insight and inspiration to senior decision makers, including:

Managers of Steering Systems Programs

Advanced Development Managers

Steering System Design Leaders

System Development Team Leaders

Directors of Steering Electronics

Steering System Architects

Chassis Systems Engineers

Directors of Safety and ADAS Systems

Day 1 – Tuesday, 9 June, 2020

Session One – What are the impacts of ADAS & AD on steering systems requirements?
  • Roadmap overview ADAS & AD for lateral control
  • Concepts evolutions for performance and safety management
  • Main issues: Safety, driver controllability and acceptance, driver monitoring, regulation
  • Trade off illustration on one example (Autonomous Emergency Steering)
Vincent Abadie, Senior Expert ADAS and Autonomous Driving, Groupe PSA
Alexandre Marcus, Expert Steering Systems, Groupe PSA

Session Two – How do advances in steer-by-wire technology impact my processes?
Here we look into:
  • Architectures for steer-by-wire
  • Safety aspects, including the definition of safety case and fail-safe vs. fail-operational
  • Overcoming commercial obstacles to market introduction such as cost and market acceptance

Session Three – How do you insert real steering systems into the driving simulator loop?
Our experts delve into:
  • An overview of how driving simulators can introduce the human factor into the early stage of the vehicle design process
  • Moving the abstraction level from the steering column (as with common feedback units) to the steering link
  • Anticipating the development phase of steering features and ADAS functions

Session Four – What are the latest innovations in lightweight rack bars?
In this session we explore:
  • Standard approaches for weight reduction in steering rack bars
  • Advantages for forging rack bars
  • How to adopt new materials that reduce mass and cost simultaneously

Session Five – How do you cut weight, increase space and meet emissions goals? Making the most of new material possibilities
This presentation looks at:
  • Reducing powertrain size to increase interior space
  • Investigating new and lighter materials for reaching emissions goals
  • Working closer with other chassis departments
Ramakrishna Kamath Vijayakumar, Lead Engineer Steering, General Motors, USA

Day 2 – Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Session One – What is the latest in highly available architectures in steering systems?
This presentation explores:
  • Understanding and applying ISO 26262
  • Functional safety process to define ASIL C-ready architecture
  • Fail safe steering system architecture, including fault tolerant powernets

Session Two – What is Ferrari’s vision of the Steer-by-Wire system benefits?
  • Plans of Ferrari to adopt SbW
  • Discussing the main difference between such a system for a sports car manufacturer and that of the mainstream OEMs pushed by the mass-production needs.
  • Vehicle architecture and vehicle dynamics performance benefits
Thierry Annequin-Digond, Chassis Innovation Manager, Ferrari, Italy

Session Three – What are the big cybersecurity issues for future steering systems?                          
This session reveals:
  • How to protect electric power steering systems from cyber attacks
  • The responsibility of Tier 1s and carmakers to design secure steering systems
  • How to prepare for sophisticated computer technologies of the future

Session Four – How is the steering system market developing for heavy-duty trucks?
This in-depth case study discusses:
  • New generation electro-hydraulic steering systems
  • E-trucks, including integration of high voltage powered pump versus 24V pumps for hybrids
  • Enhanced ADAS features for trucks
  • Solving challenges in EPS for trucks

Session Five – Are we prepared for the steering requirements of the future?
The digital event closing keynote covers:
  • Round-up of the all the event topics, recapping lessons learnt
  • Acknowledging the major challenges set to face engineers working in the field in the coming year
  • Developing robust methods of adapting and responding to unprecedented change

There is still room for online sponsor/partner-led sessions in our NEW webinar series! If you would like to present your innovations to OEMs or parts manufacturers, contact us now at steven.zapata@iqpc.de

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