Partner Content - Get the Info! The SOTIF EU 2020 Program Agenda!

Partner Content - Get the Info!  The SOTIF EU 2020 Program Agenda!
This four day, tailor-made conference, attracts the globe’s best and brightest decision makers. Will you be amongst them? Download the program agenda and get ready to connect.

Event topics are organized according to the latest trends and demands. These themes include:

  • The most recent updates on ISO 21448:2019 Safety of the Intended Functionality (SOTIF).  Step-by-step explanations of the single evaluation processes within the SOTIF activities. 
  • Understanding the methods for identification and evaluation of risk and triggering events as they are recommended in the standard.
  • Verification and validation: Building a solid understanding of how to define a validation & verification strategy, how to verify known unsafe scenarios and how to validate unknown unsafe scenarios.  A platform to pose the biggest questions on ISO 21448.
  • Insights into how to write a Safety Case on a theoretical base, as well as by listening to a Best Practice example. Practical examples on how SOTIF can be integrated successfully into existing processes, most of all how to link the SOTIF activities to the ISO 26262 V-model.
  • Discussion on the interplay between ISO 26262, SOTIF, and cybersecurity.  How to gain a competitive edge by listening in to expertise in Deep Neural Networks and how they can support safety with highly automated functions.  Clarity on what SOTIF means to the semiconductor industry: Is it affected by SOTIF? Shall it prepare for SOTIF.
  • The legal perspective on autonomous driving into safety discussions.

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