25 - 28 March 2019 |
Munich, Germany

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25-28 March 2019, holiday Inn, Munich City Center, GermanyThe SOTIF Conference is a newly founded event, which co-locates with the ISO 26262 Conference, to address SOTIF as it's own standard as a necessary a ...

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Interview about SOTIF’s application for OEMs and Vendors

Helen Monkhouse, Chief Functional Safety Engineer at Horiba Mira Ltd, discusses how OEMs and vendors will apply SOTIF to define correct definition and target setting at different system abstraction levels. Read the full presentation.

Interview regarding the understanding of SOTIF's Safety Argumentation

Dr. Rolf Johansson reveals how safe driving behavior depends on both sensors and algorithm processing data coming from the sensor. But how can both be made safe and reliable? Find an answer here.

Exclusive Interview – SOTIF’s importance to ensure safety for autonomous vehicles

Dr. Ning Qu, Chief Engineer / Head of Apollo CarOS at Baidu discusses how SOTIF will become the standard for highly automated and self-driving cars.  What can we learn from early adopters of the standard? Download the complete interview here.

Presentation on SOTIF’s application of functional failures on vehicle levels

Anders Sandberg from APTIV discusses what role SOTIF can play to resolve functional failures on vehicle levels beyond ISO 26262. Download the full presentation.

Case study on Bosch’s application of SOTIF for ADAS

Dr. Susanne Ebel from Bosch reveals how Bosch applies SOTIF for Automated Driving and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Download the full presentation.

Exclusive report on how SOTIF will challenge the automotive industry

The increase in highly automated and self-driving cars is speeding ahead of regulation, prompting the sector for safety standards beyond ISO 26262. Read more what the new standard will entail.

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