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Agenda SOTIF Conference 2020

Network and exchange knowledge with experts on safe functionality for highly automated and autonomous driving during the second International SOTIF Conference from 30 March - 2 April 2020. The event is presented by national and international members of the SOTIF wor ...

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Whitepaper: Protecting European consumers with connected and automated cars

New directives on European sale of consumer law are looking to ensure EU consumers can benefit from greater connectivity. Dr. Ekkehard Helmig shares insight into latest legal developments regarding consumers protection with connected cars. Read his full whitepaper here.

Interview: ISO 21448:2019 Scope and How to implement it

Originally started as part 14 of ISO 26262, SOTIF created some controversy. What can be learned from automotive suppliers and OEM’s to implement the standard effectively? Read a detailed analysis by Dr. Rami Debouk, Technical Fellow at General Motors in our exclusive interview here.

Article: How to write an AV Safety Case with UL 4600?

UL 4600 is bound to become a new standard in 2020, and it will cover risk analysis, as well as key safety-relevant aspects of design and process. However, questions remain as how to grasp it to build a safety case in the autonomous vehicles segment. Learn in our exclusive article how to wr ...

Registration Form SOTIF Conference 2020

Interested in discovering interoperabilities between ISO 26262, SOTIF, ASPICE? Then register for this exclusive event here.

Presentation: Latest Developments SOTIF Working Group

Applying a SOTIF approach is discussed to become an universal standard for (highly) autonomous vehicles. What are the latest developments of the SOTIF working group? Find out how Nicolas Becker, Functional Safety Senior Expert at PSA Peugeot Citroën answers this question. Read more here.

Presentation: Differences and Commonalities between SOTIF and Safety-In-Use

Safety acceptance and argumentation becomes challenging due to increasingly complex systems. Andrei Ardeleanu and Danilo da Costa Ribeiro from Continental Chassis & Safety Division discuss difference and communalities between SOTIF and Safety-In-Use and how to overcome challenges for automotive s ...

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Partner Content - Get the Info! The SOTIF EU 2020 Program Agenda!

This four day, tailor-made conference, attracts the globe’s best and brightest decision makers. Will you be amongst them? Download the program agenda and get ready to connect.Event topics are organized according to the latest trends and demands. These themes include:The most recent updates on ISO 21448:2019 Safety of the Intended...

Partner Content - Get the SOTIF EU Presentation from Continental

The presentation aims to show the difference between SOTIF and Safety-In-Use and outline their communalities. The goal is to overcome challenges and find a common method that can be used to analyse and assess their hazards from a system control perspective.Also learn about: Complexity evolution in automotive industrySOTIF* (Technology Related)Safety-In-Use...

Partner Content - The 2020 SOTIF Event Prospectus is Here. Get Ready to Connect.

Download the sponsorship and event prospectus for the SOTIF Conference to learn about this year's participation opportunities. This prospectus provides you with information on the key topic areas, speakers, industries and decision makers you can expect to meet at this conference.Be a part of the Safety and Security Week:Co-located with...