The SOTIF Conference
 - 2nd European edition -  
Updates on ISO 21448 | application examples | Deep Neural Networks | SOTIF for semiconductors | legal perspective

supported by SOTIF working group members

Accompany the ISO 21448:2019 SOTIF on its way to a full ISO standard!

Originally started as part 14 of ISO 26262, SOTIF created some controversy. Now, SOTIF becomes a standard on its own. The idea of ISO/PAS 21448 is to complete ISO 26262 by looking into external causes and assuring safety of the intended functionality.
When our vehicles become more and more automated and autonomous, this trend asks for including the vehicle environment, notably sensor perception and sensor algorithm processing, as well as unintentional misuse by humans. With the first SOTIF draft published in January 2019 comes uncertainties in the market on how to interpret and apply the standard. Luckily, SOTIF working group members can explain and discuss the SOTIF activities in detail, and senior safety experts who integrated SOTIF into their processes already can share their lessons learnt.

Wipe away your unease with SOTIF and join our SOTIF conference.

Join our SOTIF community in 2020 to

# Stay up to date on the most recent updates on ISO 21448: 2019 Safety of the Intended Functionality (SOTIF) 
# Get a step by step explanation of the single evaluation processes within the SOTIF activities (evaluation of risk and triggering event, verification and validation strategy)
# Learn from practical examples how SOTIF can be integrated successfully into your existing processes, most of all how to link the SOTIF activities to the ISO 26262 V-model
# Gain a competitive edge by listening in to expertise in Deep Neural Networks and how Artificial Intelligence (AI) they can support safety with highly automated functions
# Get insights into how to write a Safety Case on a theoretical base, as well as by listening to a best practice example 
# Clarify what SOTIF means to the semiconductor industry: Is it affected by SOTIF? Shall it prepare for SOTIF? 
# Include the legal perspective on autonomous driving into your safety discussions

Porsche Hot Laps

We will round off our first conference day at the Porsche Customer Center Leipzig.
  • Enjoy hot laps in a Porsche Panamera
  • Discover historic and current Porsche models
  • Relax during dinner with view on the Porsche Circuit

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