September 30 - October 03, 2019 |

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The SOTIF USA Conference is the first american forum addressing SOTIF as it's own standard as a necessary addition as a functional safety view on vehicle level. The presentations and speakers have been aligned to discuss how the industry can interpret, apply and integrate the new standard. ...

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Article: Will SOTIF become the HAV and AV standard for the US?

Highly automated and self-driving cars are increasing by the numbers, however public concerns about their safety have prompted the sector to further safety standards beyond ISO 26262. Read Auto IQ’s expert article on SOTIF’s importance for HAV and AV Safety.

Interview on how to adopt ISO 26262 and ISO 21448 in one philosophy

Nicolas Becker, FuSa Senior Expert, PSA Peugeot Citroen discusses SOTIF’s effects on the American automotive market.

Article on the rethinking of functional safety standards for autonomous vehicles

How will international standards provide guidance to apply safety requirement completeness for AV artificial intelligence systems? Find out in our Automotive IQ expert article how SOTIF (ISO PAS 21448) will ensure safety for road vehicles.

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Presentation on how to determine validation testing scenarios for ADAS functionality

Learn how to determine validation testing scenarios for an ADAS functionality by reading ZF’s proposal on ADAS testing scenarios; presented by Functional Safety Experts Gaetano Fiaccola and Oleg Kirovskii.

Partner Content 2019 - Get Ready to Connect.

Get in front of the line as OEMs and Suppliers source partners to help them overcome challenges presented by advanced functional safety needs and requirements.  We have limited space so participate as a presenter or an exhibitor before it sells out. After the successful inauguration in Germany we will bring the expertise...

Partner Content - Safety First!

The SOTIF, whose draft came out in March 2019, will likely become the HAV and VA standard in the coming years as the industry is moving toward ultimate safety completeness. Strong public concerns about their safety have prompted the sector to further safety standards beyond the item-based ISO 26262 to achieve...

Partner Content: Robert Bosch - A Case Study: Application of SOTIF for ADAS

Dr. Sussane Ebel, Senior Functional Safety Expert, at Robert Bosch shares her exclusive presentation: Scene Setting | SOTIF is more than validation! Application of SOTIF activities on left side of V-model.  Inside you'll find information on hot topics like:How Bosch applies ISO 21448 for ADASUnderstanding the importance of the left side of the...

Partner Content - Get the Info! 2019 Program Agenda

Get the Event Agenda for SOTIF Conference USA here to learn more about speakers, networking, workshop topics, and other opportunities to connect.  Automotive IQ will bring expertise for ISO TC 22 W8 members and leading safety practitioners to the United States to discuss and lay the way forward in the...

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Expert presentation on Bosch North America's implementation of SOTIF for automated driving systems

Dr. Asim Abdulkhaleq, System Safety Expert at Bosch discusses how to overcome SOTIF implementation challenges in his presentation on the topic of “A System – Theoretic SOTIF Analysis for Automated Driving Systems.”