Download the Conference Agenda

Download the Conference Agenda

The SOTIF USA Conference is the first american forum addressing SOTIF as it's own standard as a necessary addition as a functional safety view on vehicle level. The presentations and speakers have been aligned to discuss how the industry can interpret, apply and integrate the new standard.

Join us from 30 September - 3 October 2019 in Austin, Texas, USA

Leading themes discussed in the upcoming event are: 

  • Get the latest updates on ISO/PAS 21448 Standard of the intended functionality
  • Build a solid understanding of the SOTIF scope compared to ISO 26262
  • Understand in an early stage how to interpret and apply ISO/PAS 21448
  • Gain a competitive edge with lessons learnt and Case Studies on how to do FuSa on a vehicle level
  • Experience how to perform a STPA for the SOTIF
  • Exchange directly with SOTIF working group members

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